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The Upgrade And The Transfusion, Calvary, God's Blood Bank.

Communication is crucial, and the predication of its establishment is based upon love. Even in the absence of a full establishment of communication, like that of the relationship between a mother and the infant. Her ability to communicate is fully established, but the infant, is the lack thereof. Nevertheless, for her love for her infant, she is willing to limit her communication to the level of the infant while still being able to translate her deeds to the child on the level of its ability until it can fully apprehend.

This is love, and true love is patience, and where patience is exercised, wisdom is at work. If then, we being human and were born as an infant and now as an adult, we had to learn and grow to understand where we now are, what more about humanity in general, in relation to God? We are still in that infant stage in relation to God and His knowledge and the means in which He communicates to mankind throughout the ages.

Even when Christ walked this earth, though He walked among us, He laid aside His omniscient without losing the possession thereof. Consequently, His teaching consists substantially of parables. Not that which is a fable, but parable in its true meaning is to place beside for a comparison. An illustration drawn from nature or human circumstances in which the one who is receiving the parable can relate while learning a moral and a spiritual lesson.

Although we are not on the level of Christ’s oratorical ability, or His teaching insight, but we shall attempt to expound on Easter in its simplest form with illustration, comparison and those difficult to grasp subjects.

Today the presence of Easter is seen all around us through the result of the work of Easter. An example of this is seen in a free world. Where there is freedom, one is free to experience the results of freedom, through travelling, experiencing beautiful things, or earning beautiful things and the likes thereof. These and more are the results of freedom, but the work on which these things were established is never pretty. Blood was shed for the establishment of freedom. Likewise, today, beautiful is the sight of children searching out for colorful eggs and the pleasantry of the Easter bunny. These things are the results of Easter because of the work of Easter, of which like freedom, it took the Blood of Christ to give us the beauty and pleasantry of this day. For love grew where His Blood fell.

This became the most important event in the Christian calendar. Christ's crucifixion and being in the grave, and His Resurrection, which was later called, Easter. It was later in 325 AD, at the Council of Nicaea, what is now Iznik, Turkey. There, the Roman Emperor Constantine set a common date to celebrate Easter worldwide, having stopped the persecution of Christians.

From the shed Blood of Christ as a sacrifice came the beauty and pleasantry of Easter as we know it today.

One might ask, why does it have to be bloody to commemorate something beautiful? To answer this and build upon it is to know, the life of the flesh in men is in the Blood. Leviticus 17:11. Without Blood, there is no life, (In the human) with a contaminated blood, the body is on course for degradation and demise.

Unlike the numerous tissues in the human body, the blood is the only tissue that is free to move about within the body while enacting its crucial duties. Comparing this to Christendom, there is a phrase wherein it is said of the Blood of Christ, it reaches to the highest mountain, and it flows to the lowest valley. The Blood that gives me strength from day to day. Though spoken spiritually, but let us look at the chemistry of the blood for a better insight to such phrases.

The blood consists of a liquid vehicle called plasma.

The solid part of the blood consists mainly of three kinds of cells. The platelets consist of one, fully understanding the function of this cell is quite obscure. Then there are the red cells or erythrocytes. These cells are responsible to carry the fuel to the tissues in the form of combined oxygen which gives it the red color. Then there are the white cells or leucocytes. Several of these cells have to do with the defense of the body, the clotting of the blood when an artery or vein is severed.

As we are told in Genesis 2:7, God breathed into man giving him life. Such is now being seen microscopically through a closer study of the red cells, which contains a substance called hemoglobin. An iron compound with affinity for oxygen, a fuel to the body. Taking oxygen from the lungs through the air we breathe, forming Oxy-hemoglobin and traveling throughout the body, to the cells and dropping off their cargos, where it is then turned into combustion and heat. The cells then act as a garbage disposal management. Taking the waste tissue metabolism, discharges it through the kidneys, the skin, and the lungs. All taking about 23 seconds for a trip. The food and garbage are carried by the same cell vehicle. Yet there is never any contamination. Indeed, life is not a random coincidence. To say the least, this is a Divine master plan that was thoughtfully created. Nor was it a random act of life and the perseverance thereof. We furthermore perceive within the blood an additional function through the white cell. Though smaller in counts, but larger in size, they serve as the rapid army manufactured and deployed anywhere in the body when an infection occurs, the white soldiers are ready to fight the germs and infections. With the power to kill, the white cell engulfs the problem. If the human body is pricked, instantly the blood is rushed to the point of the occurrence, carrying the white cells, where they gather themselves around the infection, barricading the infected area by giving their lives to prevent further spread of the bacteria. After their death, their bodies and the dead bacteria are gathered and expelled as “pus.” After the battle, the count of the white cell is back to normal.

This is why for a doctor to determine if your body is infected, the doctor takes a sample of your blood through your finger for the count of the white cells, if they are great in number, it indicates a battle is going on in your body through infection and the white cells are being manufactured in vast numbers. For thus David the warrior-psalmist king said, I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are Your works (Lord).

So then, if we being mere human and our blood offers such marvelous applications. What more about the perfect Blood of Christ? For thousands of years before medical advancement, in Christendom, the statement was, and remains, “there is power in the Blood of Christ.” To understand this is to retrain one’s mind, knowing though we are in a physical body, but the driving force of who you are, is spiritual. (Your emotions and feelings are unseen, but felt) For an example, you have a computer, and it is a physical entity, you can see it, feel it, touch it, and hear it, but its functions are driven by the digital, which is the unseen. Regardless of how wonderfully made the computer is. It has to be connected to a more powerful source to keep functioning correctly through software updates and firmware.

Now, illustratively speaking, though we are wonderfully made, but somewhere in the distance past, corruption entered in the human bloodline from the first man and woman, through sin. The word sin isn’t necessarily moral wrongdoing, but it simply means separation. The Greek used the word “Hamartia” to describe sin. Closer look at the word in syllables, the first two syllables sound like the English word hammer. This precisely described the sin spoken of here. Like a sledgehammer being used to drive a wedge between a wood to cause a split. Such is the word picture of sin, mankind, and God. Through the original sin of Adam and Eve, sin has placed a wedge between humanity and God. Consequently, men will seek after everything and anything for the lack of peace of mind, but God.

Like a computer without a pending update, though it functions, but almost never at its full potential, but today the source of the new software is available, illustratively speaking that source is Calvary Cross.

Like a blood bank, there Christ poured out His Blood through His crucifixion for all eternity and for all who would believe, to freely receive, for a new blood transfusion. In Adam sin, all blood was infected, but in Christ Jesus all can be made new.

Herein, we now use terminologies that are understandable to all. Before the computer is upgraded it needs a power source, then a connectivity line to connect to the source for the upgrade.

Mankind is liken to the computer, our power source is the Holy Spirit, the connectivity line is a simple faith to believe. The password is Lord, I am a sinner, forgive me and restore me. The source is the Cross, and your upgrade version is called REDEEMED!

Happy Resurrection, Happy Easter. He is risen!

Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that lives, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Revelation 1:17-18

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