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Miscellaneous Writings

Types of opposition and victory

Through the understanding of a daily application by faith

A cunning enemy is an adaptive enemy. An adaptive enemy is aware of his vulnerability, for this reason he must adapt to the time and in opposition to those he opposes.


For those being opposed, the understanding of the situation is the awareness of what to expect.


In this lesson, the one facing the opposition is the Christian.


The hindrance to the Christian is the lack of faith. The opposition of the Christian is Satan. The more we are aware of his stratagem, the better we are aware of the opposition we go through.


1 Opposition - As a dragon, he carries the thought as monstrosity.

  • Victory - let us be courageous that we fear not. Scripture reference - Joshua 1:9 ​

2 Opposition - As a serpent, it denotes the idea of cunning of slyness

  • Victory - knowledge and wisdom in the Word of the Lord (rightly dividing the Word) with wisdom comes awareness. Scripture reference - John 8:32

3 Opposition - As Satan, he is our adversary and he who opposed us.

  • Victory - defense to the opposition, the Word of God is our shield and defense. In God we are shielded, He is our Rock and strong, mighty tower. Scripture reference - Psalm 28:7

4 Opposition - The Devil, the adversary who slanders and deceived the whole world. Speaks falsely against the believer in order to damage our reputation.

  • Victory - Christ is our righteousness. Scripture reference - Romans 1:8

5 Opposition - as the Accuser, be brings accusations against the believer

  • Victory - Christ is our righteous Judge. Scripture reference - 2 Timothy 4:8




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