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The Dried Rolling Seed.

A multitude of things are experienced on a daily basis, and they are appreciated for what they are. In assisting our needs for the given time or the situation, or for a cause.


Appreciation at times differs from the state of being content, of which comes desires. Though an individual can be appreciative of a situation or a circumstance that is at hand, but at times the heart looks beyond to the point in time of being content. However, one can never be content until knowing they desire something while being aware that they are a part of that which they desire. Wherein they too are desired. This state of being content surpasses even the heart that is appreciative to a cause or a thing.



Now, the story

The recollection of these two experiences, the mindset of appreciation and desire, unfolded in a distant suburb.

It was the evening of a weekday, as Paragon, the boy of many friends who have never yet experienced the essence of having a one true friend, engages in subtle activity of sports within the boundaries of his yard on a bright beautiful day. Prior to that experience, was that of the engaging with the accumulation of his many gadgets from within the home. These things were truly appreciated, even now as he steps without into the light of the beautiful blooming day. Beside him was his bright colored basketball, but what was to be experienced that day was more than an appreciation.


The outcome of that which we experienced at times is not always predicated upon our actions to manipulate the givens at hand. But if that which is shaped without the hands of men is experienced, a split second of a time is eternal life altercation.


The feel of the early evening wind with the adrenaline and his ball provided a soothing experience as his dog follows and chases his every move. The wagging of its fluffy tail was as the biggest a smile could be, being with Paragon, his master.


Many roads did lead to Paragon’s home, as his home was well known in the suburb. On a given day the threaded path of these roads brought in his many friends for the visitation to his house.


Scores of his friends did reside by the row of houses by the woods, one of which was Elwood, a free-spirited boy, but a loyal friend. On a given day, Paragon was accustomed to seeing Elwood and his friends coming into his yard through the multiple roads which led to his house. Seemingly, this evening of being outside with his ball and his dog was not unusual from any other day, until that which was soon to be experienced. In his view from the houses by the woods appears Elwood, walking in the midst of others. For it was habitual for the residents and visitors to thread on these suburban roads during the cool of the day. Paragon continues the playing of hoops, with the awareness and the anticipation of Elwood’s presence soon to be in his company. Shortly thereafter, he retires for the time being by proceeding upward upon the stairs toward the patio of the home. His next glance in the direction of Elwood was the unexpected but receptively pleasant. As Elwood branches out from the midst of the others, yet remains by his side was the impeccable appearance of a girl. Elwood and Paragon and the friends of the suburb were as brothers, the joy of appreciating one another and being in each other’s company, through the upbringing by their parents. However, this day, the presence of Elwood soon faded in the view of Paragon as the girl with Elwood continued in steps besides him in the proximity of Paragon.


The boys were accustomed to a unique tone of whistling in their greetings, and so it was at this moment. For the unaware ears, it was the sound of a random whistling. However, communications were conveyed through their whistles. Therein, he introduced the girl beside him to Paragon who wasn’t alone anymore, but with fewer of the other boys. Although he was overtaken by the moment, but he befittingly whistled not back. Instead, his greetings and introduction toward her was already received with a smile and a somewhat repression of shyness. Not for the fear of social interactions, but whatsoever was the reason it was yet to be realized. Even while being in the company of the others, the two reside in their own world for the time being. In as much as the usual animated rambunctiousness of Freeman was present within the gathering. But the two momentarily reside in their state of mind. Her blue denim skirt though gracefully fits her contour, but her motions stood not still. Yet subtle in her gesture, being a lady, as it was customary to their suburban way of life. The verbal introduction by Elwood was not a formal presentation by the name of his friend, Paragon. Instead, she heard a nickname which brought smiles and a chuckle she could not hold back. A blushful smile on the face of Paragon as well, but he knew this was the way of Elwood. The free-spirited boy, but a loyal friend.


Though the time was shortly spent, and neither were the two alone during this subtle, but eventful moment in time, but in the grand scheme of time; an experience is as a building block which shapes the awareness of the present and subsequently the future.


As was their greetings and introductions were filled with smiles and pleasantry gestures, quickly came the farewell, but the smiles and pleasantries continued. Meanwhile, during this time, Elwood was already engaged in the game of hoops with the other boys. Then came his moment to gloat. Having made his famous, dazzling shot at the hoop. Through his flaring, before soon he realizes her presence. Whistling again and acknowledging Paragon, as she stood in his presence. He then called out to her. Precious, I will walk you home! However, he again turned his attention toward chasing of the ball. With Precious and Paragon looking in his direction, they both looked at one another in the eyes and smiled. Though they had not a lot to say in that moment, but the procrastination of Elwood became a moment initiating a first true eye contact.  While leaping over Sky the pup, triggering the loss of his balance, causing Freeman to quickly gain the advantage with a shot. Freeman was loud regardless of his ongoing action, and louder he was, having made a shot against Elwood. Now, Elwood had a reason to walk off with Precious.


Joining in the presence of Paragon and Precious, the three stood in the unplanned, but unifying triangle, a precursor to those things that were to come.  


When a great impersonation is made in a given moment, farewell is but a hopeful beginning. The three did walk partially together. In farewell, slowly did Elwood and Precious walked out in the distance away from Paragon. He became the top point of the triangle as Elwood and Precious walked adjacent one another, away from the lively buzz of the evening gathering at Paragon’s place.


Being friends with Elwood, she knew what to expect of him and their usual interaction one with another. But with her recent knowing of Paragon, she admires the fondness the boys showed toward one another, but instantly she perceives their unique differences through the brief, but impactful time she had with Paragon. This she admired, but within her heart those things were kept. Yet, more were her smiles than the words she spoke while walking home with Elwood. Her walk home was a new journey though not alone in the presence of Elwood, but ever accompanied with her were those things within her heart through the initiation of a new awareness. One can walk away from an experience, but at times, before the individual, goes the memories of the experience at all times. Soon thereafter, Precious was at liberty with her thoughts, having received a hug from Elwood. En route to her home, Although not yet at her home. For the remaining of the way, the cool of the evening wind against her skin was that of a reminder of a person being gently exposed, but therein she welcomely embraced herself in the feel of the uncertainty and adoration and fondness she had just experienced at Paragon’s. Before her steps, goes the replaying of thoughts. As the wind rushes her being on every side, her thoughts of fondness became a narrow corridor wherewith she walks in, feeling the warmth of the new awareness and fondness she has experienced. Now, in her view was her home by the roadside, but the journey of the mind continues as she steps in the partially illuminated kitchen of her home. With the sense of familiarity and awareness she did make her way into her bedroom. At times, the unknown in life might seems dark, but the right desire within the individual, shall be an illumination to make all things known. But time is a distance worth travelling.


Her thoughts were soon interrupted by a call. Hastily she did attend to the call, and in the living-room was her mother. You have to tend to your dog before the night is over. With an exasperated sigh, she replied, it is your dog too, mom. I got it for you, but it is your responsibility, my child. With a smirk of an expression followed by chuckles, she did as her mother requested. Though she rather not, in hope not to interrupt the reminiscing of her experience earlier. However . . .

To be continued 


  • Paragon

  • Elwood

  • Sky the pup

  • Precious



  • Freeman

  • The parents



The tall stranger



The Dry Seed




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