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    Through the Scriptures
a walking new man

The once lusher works of my hands the desire of my heart, is nothing more, but a withering plant... with broken roots on a hard place, yet I let not go. For the lust of my heart. I am consumed in darkness. Even though in darkness I feel the light of God upon me like a sprinkling shower from above... Then His words I remember, were as a lamp onto my feet... not confine by the cliffs and valleys, but free as a living water, not cover in darkness, but reborn into life. For the old rugged Cross made a difference. My eyes are not blend with the desire of my past, but they are open into royalty. My hands are not bound by failing works, but they are open unto blessings. For I am a walking new man in Christ.

  A Walking New Man - A pictorial Autobiography 
P. S. Wilmot

when equality is no longer served by justice, moral lose its course among the people. 

Though the land stood in silence, but the past of its greatness could be heard in its failed structures. The roads that once brought together civilization and people now serve as the display of man’s failed idea, partly covered in the course of nature. At least the failures of the past and nature did come together, displaying man's broken ingenuity. Cover in green grass and vegetation with the rise of the earth from beneath the feet, soiling the concrete that once lay below the fast-moving feet of the inspired people of the land. Indeed, fast were they and their desire for a change and impatient for a result to a change. 

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a walking new man
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