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Welcome to the Member Page. 
Consider it your own personal hub. Here, you can view your history with the site; such as the total likes you have received or given.  


Things to do 
View your total number of posts 
All your comments 
As well as your interaction with the Blog page, 
all in one place. 

You can edit your profile "about me page" describing yourself, or the likes.


How to navigate
The midnight blue bar on the member page with the downward arrow on the left, when click, it will give you more pages to navigate to.

To view other members, click the back button on your phone, or go back for desktop users, or exit the page and re-enter.

When the blue bar downward arrow is clicked from another profile, it will give a stat of that account.
Check it out, more to discover on your own.


You may leave the Member Page by exiting your browser, but do not "Leave Community" this will remove you from the Member Page.


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