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A man's heart devises his way: but the LORD directs his steps.


When we humble ourselves to the Lord, we see beyond our usual needs, and the common necessity of life. Therefore, we anticipate the unusual by faith. Knowing that though we do not see that which we are accustomed to at the time of need, but let us know, it is the Lord who provides that which we need. His provision is not limited to that which is common to us. If it is His will, He can use the unusual to meet our needs.

Nevertheless, when we find ourselves in need, let us not limit the provision of God by anticipating only that which we are accustomed to.

God is the Creator of all things, therefore, He can use any means of which we do not know of, to bring forth that which we need, so by faith, let us look to Him, knowing He will meet our needs of which we know not of.

Though the needs of humanity vary, but the provision of God is consistent to deliver according to His good will.


We will perceive the provision of God according to His will, illustratively speaking.

Now, the story

In a faraway land of diversity; The inequalities between the people of this land established the longing of the lower class to be a part of the upper class.

The young men wandered the heavily-traveled paths of their poor streets in hope to partake in labor chores for the earning of cash. The commute of the railroad between the two cities was to them a transition from deficiency to prosperity; the train rode into the upper class of the City of Wealth, periodically.

Money was life, as a path into the City of Wealth. Such was the thought on the mind of those who desire a better life. Occasionally they saw beyond their poverty through the interactions they had with those passing through. Then there was a young man, who had a social interaction with a female dweller from the City of Wealth. She liked him, and he liked her too. However, due to the inequality of their social status, this served as a gulf in keeping them apart.

In his mind, he ascertains, if only I can earn the money I need, I can leave for the City of Wealth before the harsh winter blanket the poverty-stricken city, and there I shall reunite with the girl of my dreams, he thought, and promised to see her soon. 

The flash of thoughts turns into hours, and hours turn into days. The cold days grew into weeks and months. His steps grew in search to earn the cash for his trip, but to no avail. It was the last call for the final train as the streets clear up making way for the flakes of snow, quickly they did accumulate, pasting the ground in white as far as the eyes could see. 

The young men hurried to help with the luggage of the passengers in hope to earn a favor through the receiving of spare change. He was a part of the charging seekers, but in the corner of his eye was the image of a man lying flat, motionless. He knew he had to do something about this man, but this was his chance of earning cash in hope for a transition to a better life. Helping the man would canceled his chance for earning some cash from the passengers boarding the train. 

Or He could stop and give a stranger a chance of life. The latter became the decision, though it was the right thing to do, yet it was a hard thing to do.

Lifting the stranger who could barely stand, where are you from good sir, I perceive you are not one of us? The man looks upon him with sadness. You must be from the traveler's logging. Hold on, and I will take you there, sir.

No longer was the train, his focus, the focus of his self-made plan, was now behind him as both the limping man and the young man walked, holding on to one another. Gradually the man regains strength, in his faint voice, he relates the account of his presence. I grew up here son, but at your age, I left for the City of Wealth, and there I met my wife, 22 years later we are parents to the love of our life, our daughter.

Why would you come back here, you have made it? He firmly replied to the young man, son, true blessing is a light given, it must be shown in the dark in order to be a light. Though he listens to the man speak, but the fading of the train departure sound haunted his decision. Yet he held the man in support as they march through the accumulating snow.

In the distance was the Traveler's Logging. A place of lodging for the wealthy in transition.

In silence, the weight of the man increases, as his responses came to a crawl, the more the young man began to contemplate his decision and the path thereon. As the Traveler's Logging draw nigh, the doors of these fancy buildings were shut close, not knowing where he was going, without a response from the man, he kept on walking.


Prospecting without certainty, there appears a light in an open door ahead, partially blinded by the snow mixed wind. The light in the open door became a beacon of hope.

Without yielding to the cold blasting wind, he pressed on toward the light. In the doorway was perceptibly the figure of two women. They stepped out into the snow, by helping both the man and the young man the remainder of the way and into the doorway. With his eyelids covered in ice, no longer were his decisions made by sight, but by faith; trusting whoever these women are, they will take care of the man and he will be taken care of as well.

Like a flash, all was faded and in reappearance, gone were the icy eyelids. Removed was the burden on his shoulders. Free were his feet from the depth of the sinking snow, and warm they did feel. He was in a home like none other. At his right side was a fireplace, with the softness of a warm blanket over his shoulders. Gazing at the fireplace, his eyes followed the design of the room's décor, in front of him was the biggest chair he has ever seen. Therein, sat the stranger he had helped earlier. With a smile on his face and the return of full mobility in his arms; he held on to a mug, while slightly lifting it as a toast proposed to him. Then, an all familiar voice rang from the distance within the home. Daddy, is he awake? Tracing the voice with his eyes, he beheld the girl of his dream. How can this be he thought? There came another voice of a female, filled with wisdom and love; He is awake honey.

She instantly introduces herself as a mother and a wife. I am sure you’ve met my husband, she added with a smile. The man finally spoke, thank you son. You see, our daughter told us about a boy. She spoke well of him, but like you, I know what it is to live in a place of deficiency. If this boy couldn’t afford traveling to our city, we decided as a family to come here and meet him. I couldn’t return to my daughter without him, so I stayed out in the cold, searching, until my body gives in. There you found me, and I am in your debt, son. Little did I know that you are that boy. The four of us will leave after the storm, until then, my wife and I will retire for the night, giving you young folks the time to catch up. 




In our time of need, God shall create that which we need, as He sees fit. If money or material things cannot get us the desires of our heart, God in His wisdom will give us that which we need according to His will, in due time. Thus, it is written:


For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Jeremiah 29:11



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