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Miscellaneous Writings

The joy of the LORD is your strength

(Nehemiah 8:10)

The phrase above presents two interests, joy and strength. In a world filled with demands, duties and challenges, it is conceivable there are many who are weary, in need of strength. Likewise, when negativity is the norm of society, through the media and its bad news and the outlook of life. It is not absurd to think that many individuals are without joy. 

Where there is sorrow, the people or the individual is without joy. 
In weakness or weariness, they are without strength. So then, when the mind is aware for the need of strength and joy, but it cannot be ascertained, for such reason, it is for the lack of the third factor. 


Without the third factor, joy and strength cannot be obtained. Thus, we read, the joy of the LORD is your strength. As crucial as joy and strength are, but without the Lord, they cannot come to a fruition. 

How effective is a shield and a sword in a battle, without a man? Certainly, it is ineffective. 

Such is man, though strength and joy are in reach of his grasp and understanding, but without the Lord Jesus, they are incomprehensible. 


So then, what is our strength? True strength is validated through the act of dependency. Like a 220,000 pounds ship, indeed, mighty is the ship in its appearance and size, we perceive strength. However, without a body of water, the ship cannot sail. Yes, it displays strength, but without the water, though strength is present, but the ship is purposeless. 


Like unto us, as humans, though the will of strength is present in us. However, without the Lord, we are weak. In weakness burdensome is the sorrow of life, for the lack of joy, but the joy of the LORD is our strength. That is to say, we depend on the Lord all the way.  


If a sea captain undocks his ship into the sea, he is depending on the water to take him through, to his destination.

So then, let us depend on the Lord to take us through the journey of life. Wherever the act of goodness is shown in our lives, let us show gratitude, this is the joy, the opposite is sorrow, of which its effect shall be a weight to the soul, but the joy of our gratitude in the Lord shall uplift us from the pit of weakness and sorrow. The believer’s joy is the continual dependence on the help of the Lord, with the meekness of mind, the soul shall be strengthened. 

Clarke said, a cheerful heart is not only a continual feast, but also a continual medicine.

The joy of the LORD is your strength

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