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P. S. Wilmot

Most things will start up right, but when things turn bad, is it fate? Was not the good before becoming bad the fate of that which was to be? If so, one cannot settle for the bad having already experienced the good. Let the outcome of life and living be filled with meanings, while doing the right things, while acting in good conscience. As we strive to see ahead of us while looking back at times, but God sees all, and God is fair. He will not forget the work you did or the love you showed for Him in the help you gave and are still giving to others.


DeedFair-Ville stood uniquely on the foundation of the creativity of nature where nothing is wasted. The little cozy neighborhood nestled happily on a green grassy slope of what used to be a steep incline. Though the topography has seen changes, but what now remains was the foundation of a beautiful, stretched, rolling hills of grassy land which extended into a shadow valley. The valley was unusual, in that it did not typify the usual perception of a valley. In this valley, life was abundant, and danger was nonexistent.


The stream which ran through the valley, did support numerous animals. Without any predators, the fauna of the valley flourished together. There was ne'er a dull moment, gazing from the hillsides of DeedFair-Ville into the valley. Eventually there was a glitter of white and a color in the distance. A single appearance usually followed by another, and then another, hopping and emerging were the varieties of animals. The curious ones were accustomed to the sounds of the children playing. Their responds steered them to venture freely to the hills to be with the children. However, beyond the valley was a stretched out open plain. Distinct from DeedFair-Ville, the outer limits of the plain and those that worked and lived there were that of a mystery. Though beauty lies between the two neighborhoods, but when individuals are gravitated only toward their minute difference, the commonality of the beauty between them, like that of the valley, it is unseen. Therein, the division remains.


Progression in division is limited in its sustainability, but with unity, abundance is achieved. The heart that is gravitated toward that which is right, it is positioned to look beyond the current situation, in hope for a change. Such were certain residences of DeedFair-Ville.


Now, it was a beautiful Autumn afternoon, a time of preparation and transition. Though the times and the way of doing things have changed, and not all the residents undertook the harvesting of crops during the autumn season like those who came before them, but certain things remain consistent. The beautiful array of bright fiery colors from the changes in the leaves of the trees. As the trees let go of their leaves in the preparation for the chilly winter season, the lesson is learnt that one can exit from the scene in grace, while leaving a beautiful impression like that of the golden colors of autumn. It was also a reminder that the end of one thing is the beginning of another. The preceding season of summer and its warmth with longer days has concluded. Therein, one was free to explore in the warmth of the sun, in the open while immersing in its light, but now with autumn, the days are shorter, chores need to be done speedily. Inasmuch as the ushering in of the wintry weather with shorter days, the need of the family bond is essential. It is time to keep out the chills while keeping those that are precious, closer.


School and learning have paused, and the children were free. Free indeed they were to explore regardless of the chilly days; the hillsides of DeedFair-Ville appear more desirable with the obligations of schoolwork temporarily out of the picture. Their chores became a double chore, for the parents who give out the chores, took on the task of constantly reminding them to complete the task at hand.

For others, learning never ended, such was the outspoken, but often quiet, Constantine. When he spoke less, his actions spoke volumes. On the contrary, in his company beside him every so often was the little, but outspoken Tesoretta. Tes spoke even when she wasn’t spoken to. She was very fond of Constantine in the presence of the other children; he knew everything because he was the best. This was Tes` presentation of him, until she had to adhere to him, then her opinion exceeded her size.


In comparison to the others, she was one of the youngest, but her size did not stop her from being heard, nor did it prevent her from roaming with the others. However, her wandering always led her back to the side of Constantine.


As the chattering of the children voices rolled along the hills, one could clearly see in their mind’s eye the action of the children without seeing them, but by listening to their ever-active voices, and those of their companion pups with them.


The many changes that led to the establishment of this neighborhood was clearly seen among the adult’s population. Though the younger ones roam freely out in the open, but the absent of the adults was seen in the display of the shut doors of the beautiful homes, and the empty porches and patios. The adults seemly favor their lifestyle through their works and careers, as accommodating to the time. Most things were done through commands programs, within their homes rather than a dexterous approach.

Perhaps the absence of the adults was atoned for through the flourishing movement of the children throughout the hills. They didn’t reject the time which was perceived as accommodating to their parents. Neither did they neglect the interaction with their surroundings.


For certain adults, the interaction with the outdoors was a daily routine of gazing outside, from within. Watching the hills and partially seeing the movements in the valley while looking beyond into the open plains where life remains a mystery. Nevertheless, the ongoing of time seen in the open plains was predictable to the observant eyes, like that of Desiree. At the fall of dusk, sporadically arose the glow of lights in the windows of the homes on the plains. Thereafter, the slow smoky ascend from the fireplace chimney led to the disappearing of the glowing lights in the windows. As the sun light recedes over the plains, the smoky ascend faded into the dark until at dawn where it was still seen. The extinguishing of the smoke at dawn meant silence throughout the plains, until the first light reappears in the window at dusk.


Caught between her thoughts and her surroundings, and the sounds of the children playing, Desiree held on to her mug, feeling its warmth, with the circulation of the soft yet soothing coffee aroma while substituting the soothing aroma for her first hot sip. A hand rested on her shoulder. Briefly taking her eyes from the view outside, tilting her head with a crack of a smile, she reluctantly welcomes his touch. Having seen her gazing out the window, he likewise leans over with his hand still on her shoulder and looked out the window. Unlike her long staring, his was but a peek.

At times, that which is present, and is before the individuals, it brings out a different reaction to each individual based on their attitude of perception. Therein, although the same thing is seen by both parties, but their reactions differ. Though she conveys not her thoughts from the long gazing, but for him, his impression of the outside was certainly different than that of Desiree.

The leaves still aren’t fully raked and properly disposed; any precipitation would cause a cascade of debris! This was his way of showing his disapproval of the delay of the chores by the children, having looked out the window.

Placing her coffee down upon the surface of the window nook, Desiree rested her left hand on the back of his hand on her shoulder. Look again, and look out there, she said; what do you see? With a startling expression on his face, he pauses for a while and replied, you didn’t hear what I said did you? I heard you, but do you see what is out there? Being even more startled, and somewhat edgy now from the repetition of the question to him, as he pulls back, she held unto his hand causing him to look again. He was a man who took pride in getting things done promptly. Thus, he was referred to as “Man O’ man” by the other men of the neighborhood. Looking yet again, but to no avail to the question proposed to him. As they both look and gaze through the window, suddenly, appeared in the open was Tesoretta all by herself and presumably sad. Although Tes wasn’t the reason for Desiree`s question, but at last for now they both saw the same thing. It was an unusual sight, even for Tes, she seems baffled, with Constantine not in her sight. As they both watched her from within, with a press of a button, he slides open the window and began calling out to Tes. Hearing his call, she moved forward, but hesitated in her steps as she looks around in hope to see Constantine.

Still sitting, watching, and sipping on her coffee, with the image of Tes in her view, a memory was rekindled within Desiree, a memory of herself in the likeness of Tes which took her back many years in the past before DeedFair-Ville became what it now was. While she thought on these things, a burden weighed upon her, one that she has borne alone for so long. One could now begin to understand her gazing of the hills and the valley and unto the plains was more than a glimpse, but her mind’s attempt in fighting the fight of conscience over comfort. Making right the error of the past, or the acceptance of the past as a fate of what was meant to be. Emerging yet again from her thoughts as if she were a stranger to the reality of her surroundings, she at once channeled her focus back on Tes. The hesitation of Tes in moving forward likely led to that which she desires, looking back as she moves slowly toward the call from the window, further east of the hills was Constantine with his eyes fixed on her. No longer did the calls matter to her. The hesitant Tes became certain, as she turns around away from the call and ran toward Constantine.

Having witnessed all that together and seeing the reaction of Tes, Desiree picks up her mug and leans back, while looking up at him with a smile; you lose, she went after her brother!

Thereafter the home was once again quiet as both the adults retreated to their respective jobs within their home. Unlike the inside of the home, the sound of the late afternoon wind could be heard and seen through its impact on the surroundings. The harsher the wind impact across the hills, the louder were the screams of the children from the joy of being a part of the outdoors. Due to the somewhat mountainous topography and a valley, the distortion of the airflow was usually unpredictable in the wind flow patterns. If the little Tes was a weathervane, her movement toward Constantine was sure sporadic. Her steps were arranged steadily one after the other with her hands stretched forth in an anticipation of reaching him, as her hair blew with the wind movement, soon her visibility was shrouded with her hair, but she kept on moving. Seeing, she did not see, but knowing she knew he will be there for her.

At times in life and the complications experienced are due in part to the mindset that simplicity must be only a steppingstone on which one must graduate to the opposite of being simple. Nevertheless, such paths usually lead to the complicated aspects of life and living. One cannot always be a child, but if childhood is the foundation from whence life enters into maturity, then one must learn to be established thereon by the means of the simplicity as a child. Therein, most things of complication that are later experienced in life will be avoided.  


Like that of Tes, in her steady movement, with her eyes covered with her hair in the wind, and coming in contact with her brother suffice for the temporal hindrance she previously experienced. Now, her joy was to be in his presence, consequently her past didn’t matter.


Don’t you let go of my hand Constantine, I have added to your weight! Now, with me holding your hand, you can never be taken away by the wind. Why thank you Tes! Wouldn’t you want to experience what is on the other side if we were taken by the wind? Well, mom said a lady cannot leave home without her nec-cities. Okay, you can’t leave home without your necessities, what about a short trip?  


Holding on to her hand, through the wind, they both walked further east of the hills while gradually descending. As the incline of the hill steepened, the grass below was rather taller than that of the hill side. Even with the further effort of her strides, the higher length of the grass almost became like that of her wind-blown hair previously. Nevertheless, she held on. Where are we going Constantine? On a short trip, I promise and without the need of your necessities. With the burst of smile on both faces, her hand tightly wrapped around his.


Though the landscape now in view was rather different than the hillside, but unity in the unknown will be a comfort to explore and overcome without deterrence. As the steep incline of the hill gradually levels up, further above were the sounds of the activities from the hills. An all-new realm of exploration it seems, the view of the plains was no longer seen from the top. Windy it was, as it was with the hillside, yet static was the surrounding.


Are we in the valley, but without the animals?


This is beyond the valley, Tes.


Beyond valleys are mountains or hills, like our hills, so it is a valley, Constantine!


It is the plains, Tes, or a flatland sometimes it’s called.


If it’s flat, why is there a large rock right here in front of us?

Looking at Tes, while looking through her, hearing her questions and her comments while listening to his surroundings. Therein, Constantine being aware of the time and the slow casting of the shadow of the hills of DeedFair-Ville upon the planes, he knew they ought to be heading back soon, but not without accomplishing that which he was there to carry out.

Also, knowing his responsibility towards Tes, as she stood with her arms folded, while looking up at him awaiting his response to the many questions and precisely the large rock. He knew he had to stop looking and to see her; and stop listening to his surroundings and answer her. His response which follows was accustomed, and an all familiar one for Tes. As he swiftly reaches down to tickle her sides, the giggling Tes speedily grabbed his legs as a means to hide herself from that which she obviously enjoys. What was uncustomary, was the sudden unresponsiveness from Constantine as she held on to his legs, her giggling slowly stops, while still holding on to his legs, but looking up at him. His eyes were fixed and motionless was his being, as if in his sight was an apparition. Slowly she did turn yet clinging on to him. Soon the two of them stood motionless with their eyes fixed steadfastly on what was before them. 

Not all things that startle causes fear. Some things are different, but their distinctiveness is not always a reason to prejudge for a rejection. 


It was a moment of silence, and the stillness did linger at the large rock. Though startled, but fear wasn’t found in Constantine, nor the clinging Tesoretta. The suspension of communication and any action was soon brought to an end in an ecstatic manner. Being startled, but without fear led to curiosity within. Through curiosity distinctiveness was perceived. With their backs against the rock, before them was the array of colors and fabrics, distinctively unique. The combination of many colors and styles flowing with the wind, all adorned on a woman that was before them. With a long flowing silver hair which flows down beside her like a constructed marble pillar on each side. Within the flow of her silvery hair were strands of hair twisted to form what looked like a braided hair, but without any braids pattern. Long they were, extending down with the length of her hair, at the tips were colored ornaments like items, and uniquely placed tassels. As she moves toward them her pace was steady with each step, though her feet weren’t seen, but it seems they did gracefully carry her frame. The shade of the hills partially rested on her, yet her jewelries did glimmer under the low light. As she moves closer in their presence, the mind of Constantine races in contemplating his action, should a need arise to act upon. The distance of a few feet felt like an eternity, providing Tes with the allotted time to gaze upon and admire this woman, with the colorful flowers she wore in her hair around her head. On the top which was wrapped with a leather like lenza band around her forehead. Standing before Tes and Constantine, her traits were seen through the wisdom in her eyes, and the tannish tone which did glow as she stare at them. Though she looked at them, but they were as a conduit before her. Looking, but seeing through them and into the past, as if she was reliving an experience through their presence which was meaningful to her. Her words were not of greetings, which brought forth more curiosity within Constantine.

I will take the magnetic compass, she said. Having spoken; she elegantly kneels before Tes. Taking her little hand in her hand, with a gentle touch to her wrist before reaching back and plucking a flower from her hair and placing it into the hair of Tes. With the same stare, looking but looking through them, now standing and facing Constantine, she stretches forth her hand in an anticipation to that which was spoken by her.  

How can she know what I’m here for, maybe she reads minds, but it doesn’t explain why she wants what I have? How does she know what I have brought with me, considering I wasn’t bringing this to her? The thoughts were as a flash through the mind of Constantine. Yet he willingly reaches into his jacket pocket, retrieving the compass and slowly dropping it into her open hand.

An instant of silence followed which was broken, but this time by Tes.

Thank you! The flower smells great! Looking in the direction of Tesoretta, with a nod and a smile. She then slowly turns her head away from them into the eastern sky. Thereafter was a flash of lightning and brief thunder in the distance. Without any further communication the awareness was established, it is time to get home.

Returning to the hillside, lighted up were the homes, as they walked together across the hills toward their house. Many of the kids have already returned to their respective homes and others were on their way like that of Constantine and Tes. Looking back over the valley and unto the plains, warm were the lights as they sporadically lit up. He thought within himself, how can we be so close and yet so far from knowing anything about one another. Looking back one more time, the two continued into the doorway of their home.


Therein they were greeted with a blazing aroma. What is that smell? as she ran through the home, Tes` presence was acknowledge. Indeed, she was home. Another voice followed up after hers:


Desiree! I think we have a trespasser here, and she might be a drifter!

I’m no drifter, I’m your daughter! What is a drifter?

Reaching down and picking her up with a kiss. Little girls who leave home all day and ignore their daddy`s calls.

Desiree continues with the dinner preparation, as the four of them stood together in the kitchen, with Constantine leaning against the refrigerator, drinking from his favorite cup.

You have to leave some space, for what I’m preparing, baby.

That’s right, your mom is experimenting with one of her meals, we are at her mercy.

With a chuckle from Desiree, you’ll see. It is a blast from the past.

We had a blast too! We went on a short trip. Hearing that from Tes, the posture of Constantine suddenly changed, as he walked toward the kitchen island away from the refrigerator. May I be of help, mom?

Oh, a blast? From the past or a fairy forest beauty pageant? (For Tes was still wearing the flower in her hair, which she has received while on the plains) No daddy!

Looking back over her shoulder at Tes being held by her father, and with Constantine now by her side; it’s ok baby. Although Desiree’s seeing Tes being held was that of a short peek, but she notices the flower in her hair, and she knew that particular flower wasn’t from the hills of DeedFair-Ville.

Soon thereafter, her mind once again engages in the struggle of conscience over comfort through the replaying of her past. She hurriedly washes her hand. Afterward, reaching out for Tes, from the arms of her father. It is time to freshen up. Keep your eyes on the dessert in the oven, as she took Tes in her arms, quickly leaving the kitchen while Constantine and his dad stood alone. With a grin on his face, well dad, you heard mom, I have to freshen up too.

He was a good man, a father, a friend, and a husband who provided and took pride in his responsibilities and duties to those around him. Nevertheless, to be there for others isn’t always about what we give them through possessions, but the only thing that can be given to the recipient and received as well by the giver, is time. Physical needs might be met in many different ways and rightly so, but when the mind has fallen in disarray beneath all its possession and wanders aimlessly, therein, time is essential, our time we give to those that are at lost to express that which is of a burden to them. Together on the journey of time through communication we shall know the unknown, and grow together to share the concealed, but time must be the distance willing to travel.

The hidden burden of Desiree became ostensibly clear through the effects of those things around her and her interaction with others. If one is willing to be there for others, and care because they know they are cared for as well. Let the mind learn to trust, as they’ve always cared. Others are willing to care for them as well. By letting go of the walls of restraint and suppression, the possibility for a change becomes a reality, and the support others are willing to give is seen and received through the harmony of working together. 

Walking up to his room, the steps of Constantine became rather slow as he walks through the hall in hope to discuss the experience from the plains earlier, but without giving the main reason why he was there, yet without telling a lie.

Although he was alone with his thoughts, but Desiree shared a similar burden. Shortly thereafter as he walks the hall, from behind him was the awareness of an opened door as the sound of the running water from the hot shower was heard. At the back of him, in the hall was Desiree. Leaving Tes to the completing of her shower, while closing the door and standing and watching Constantine. Having turned and made eye contact, in the hand of Desiree was the flower from Tes’ hair. He assumes that this meant an accountability for an explanation on his part.

However, what did follow next was baffling like that of the encounter and experience at the large rock in the plains.

I am going to frame the flower from Tes’ hair, she said to him. In his mind he thought, does this mean I don’t have to tell what happened on the plains and how did the flower get into the hair of Tes? The assessment of one question led to another. Why is it so important to create the need for the framing of a flower from the plains?

With the interruption of his thoughts, she added; be prompt for dinner. Later at dinner, few were the questions at the family table. As it appears, Tes was in the state of being asleep, but partially awake. Desiree took her in her lap at the table while the family shared the bond of togetherness in the presence of one another.


We were at your mercy earlier; I take back my words. Now we are in your debt, this meal is so good and spicy, but I can’t stop eating! Desiree was pleased with a smile on her face, she sought out one more approval by looking over at Constantine on his side of the table.

A request for more, mom.

Her smile was soon bigger having heard and received approval from her family, even more, the short, but thoughtful response from Constantine.   

Before dinner was over, Desiree excused herself to take the fully asleep Tes to bed, returning with more desserts at the table. You guys continue, I will be in the family room working on my new project. I am excited! What is it, a new recipe? No silly. I have saved you some dessert in your office cupboard. She then looked over at Constantine. Baby, would you like to take some dessert to the Heed’s boy? Later of course. Constantine started to eat more, almost as a means to avoid that which was just proposed to him. The Heeds? This was his dad’s response followed by a boisterous laugh, which even caused Desiree to chuckle, while holding back a full belly laugh.

At last, lifting up his head while still chewing, looking ahead with all eyes on him.

To the Heeds, a token from our family? Yes baby. Okay mom, you provide it, and I will take it on behalf of our family, with an adult representation through dad.

Excellent idea baby, teamwork! The two of you will take dessert tomorrow afternoon, to the Heeds.

How did you get me into this, the Heed’s boy is your friend not mine? In no time, with a grin, Desiree added, the Heeds are our neighbors. With Kisses to their foreheads, she gleefully exited the scene at the dinner table, along with giggles that could be heard.

At noon the following day, sitting outside relatively close to home while gazing the activities on the hills, Constantine wishes the seeing of his friend Mass Heed would save him a trip to the home of the Heeds. However, not a thing in sight represented Mass, nor was he to be seen anywhere in plain view. 

Walking through the door, out in the open was his dad, with a wicker basket in his hand.

The adventure begins, let’s go! His call toward Constantine meant at last, this journey is going to be made.

The Heeds lived further north of the hills all by themselves, with multiple small sheds on their property. Further beyond the Heeds, lies a woodland of pines, therein lived the Oak family. One could never be mistaken of the awareness of where they were in proximity to the Heeds. Neatly arranged were medium sized slabs of stones, submerged in overgrown grass. On these stones were numerical symbols, arranged in view of the home, the numbers ranged from low to high. One must walk upon these stones, from the lowest numerical value to the highest, which led to the entrance of the picket fence of the Heeds. Handing over the basket to his son, while tapping his shoulder as a gesture to lead the walk toward the home of the Heeds. With Constantine behind him, they both followed the placement of the stones as it was expected of all those in the vicinity of the Heeds. The autumn did lighten up the mood in providing some transparencies on the property. For now, the untamed grass was less dense, but the maze of grass still remains. The image of the overgrown grass on their property wasn’t for the lack of the ability to mow, cut, or trim the grass. Nor was it a procrastinative approach, or the lack of concern on the part of the Heeds. In actuality, the Heeds did at one point serve the neighborhood as the most reliable delivery service. However, through their progressive frame of mind, the reason to act is lesser than the result of the action. As Mr. Heed once said, being the sole proprietor of our domain; the mowing of my lawn could as well lead to the demise of a critter. Which in its unavailability could spell out continuation of life or the end, for a starving family whose father cannot find the right bait to bring dinner to the table because I Heed, destroys that critter in my attempt to mow a lawn!

There also remains multiple carefully installed factory fans on the roof of the Heeds, blowing upward, of which no one dare ask for the explanation for another lecture of an act that’s lesser than the result of the action.  

Now, carefully they did walk toward the home, expecting the unexpected as the last stone brought them within the fenced yard. Certainly, the unexpected was nigh, as they stood anticipating their next action or the absent of one. Turning back and slightly looking over his shoulder, he inquired of Constantine.

Did you count the slabs of stones?

42, I guess.

Does that mean we have to wait here for that duration?

I have no idea, dad.

Suddenly, to the left of the yard came the voice of Mass Heed. Hey Constantine! Hello Mr. Wilhelm. Looking but without seeing anything, Mass once again spoke, I knew I was going to see you today, Constantine! We always see one another Mass, where are you? Up here! Hopping over from the placement of the last slab of stone, on to another pavement which did connect to the house, both Constantine and his dad carefully repositioned themselves, with their backs toward the home. In sight was Mass, hanging upside down with what appears to be a rubber chicken next to a sprinkler.

What are you doing Mass? As Constantine asked the question, his dad being beside him, yanked on his coat as a means of hinting, no questions son. Let’s just do what we came to do and get out of here. However, Mass was delighted to expound. This is a simulation in wake of an avalanche. Do you know most people are found head in first, in avalanches? No, but there is no pile of snow out here. Exactly, shouted Mass, this is why I even have a chicken in my simulation even though there aren’t any hawks in these parks.

As the man stood there hearing the boys talk, all he wanted to do was to leave as soon as possible, but even he couldn’t pass the bringing up of a rubber chicken in relation to an avalanche in the fall season without any snow yet in sight. How does the chicken prepare you for this, he calmly asked?  Oh, sense of awareness, Mr. Wilhelm and this is very, very crucial. Do you want to try, Constantine? Maybe another time Mass.

Where are your parents? Constantine and I have to leave now. Oh, they are studying tectonic plates. Just shout and they will hear you. I can shout while on your property without causing some effect? Sure, you can, Mr. Wilhelm. Looking at his son beside him, he nudges him. Go on, call out the Heeds, son. You do, dad.

Intervening the uncertainty and indecisiveness of the boy and his father, rang forth the voice of Mass as he still hung upside-down; MOM, DAD, THE WILHELMS ARE HERE! And with food for us. As the door opens, out came Mrs. Heeds, with a smile on her face while in a demure posture, she reaches out and received the basket from Constantine. In a soft-spoken voice almost inaudible to hear, she greeted the two followed by a thank you to Desiree, and a greeting to Tes. Thank you two, thanks to Desiree, greetings to your sister, Constantine. Back in she went, with a soft shot of the door behind her.

With the sense of liberation even though still being on the property of the Heeds, in his pockets went his hands. Well Mass, we will leave now, do you need help getting down from there? No, Mr. Wilhelm, but you can do me a favor please. Alarmed by Mass` response, yet being courteous toward Mass, he replied, sure what can I do for you? Could you reach in my watch pocket and take out the folded envelope? It is a message for Mrs. Wilhelm, from me.

Not knowing what to make of this, he reached in and out came the note. Staring at it for a while, its outer inscription read; open only when you see the moon above you.

See you later Mass! Shouted Constantine as the two of them hurriedly retraced their steps descending in numerical values while walking on the stones until they were cleared of the property of the Heeds.

Such experience of an ordeal now behind them this meant that chapter was over. Out came a joy of a spontaneous childlike reaction triggering the outburst of run. Watching his dad speedily zoomed out of his presence. The natural inclination of Constantine did follow. Thereafter, he began to run as well, and with an unexplained laughter, the father and son race the hills of DeedFair-Ville together. Further along this joyous moment of a race, no longer were his legs carrying him, but tumbling flat on his stomach he did belly glide down the hills. A sight to behold, causing more laughing reaction within Constantine until he was as well tumbling and rolling after his dad, the laughter did continue from the two of them until a slight change in the topography wherein the tumbling and a rolling came to a gradual halt, in the yard of The Palabras Family.

Man O’ man, is that you? Hey Palabras. Both the father and son stood up, brushing off their clothes. The Palabras family were all within their home, but soon all the windows had a figure in its frame watching from within, talking one to another. The father and son knew the chattering was about them, but while looking at each other, without any verbal communication, outburst they went running one after the other.

Now, it was about that time of the day wherein Desiree sits with her coffee during her break, and view the landscape, far and near. She could not make of understanding what was now in view, the image of Constantine and his father running as fast as they could toward their home, but their laughing, though from a far off was a soothing sound to her ears. Though she did not understand why, but she too began to laugh. Approaching their home with the hedge in view, both were now on pace with one another, side by side and neither was there any slowing down. Leaping over the hedge with ease, but ungracefully stumbling upon landing, till they were heads in, in the pile of autumn leaves. Unlike the Palabras’ home, they were now at their home at last, and unapologetic. We went heads in, dad. Sure did, but where is the rubber chicken? Out came another round of laughter concerning the rubber chicken. As the two entered within their home, the warmth was instantly felt while leaving the late autumn chills without, now within was the dazzling aroma of Desiree’s coffee. At the foyer within the home, they were met by Desiree. How are things up at the Heeds? Oh, just peachy, he replied, tectonic plates, upside-down boy with an invisible hawk and a rubber chicken. Just the normal stuff, oh I got a letter for you. From the Heeds? Well yeah, from Mass actually. 

Although it was almost time for work again for the adults of the home, but seeing the sparkles in his eyes and a bounce to his step, and the joy in his voice, Desiree realizes this is what they all need. The simplicity of life, by doing things together, and not always overthinking of doing things, but actually doing the simple things together as a family.  

Apparently, Constantine felt and thought the same as his mother, concerning the joy that is found in the simple things of life. Usually, he could not wait to leave for the outside. However, this time there he was with his parents. Being aware that soon they will both retrieve into their home offices for the remaining of the day, yet he hung out with them, seemingly not wanting the current moment to end.

What is within the note from Mass, mom? I can’t tell you, with a smile on her face, she then follows up her comment with a banter. However, I can send you back to the Heeds to ask Mass? With a smile on his face, in the presence of his mother; Sure mom, if you come along with me. Witty aren’t you, do you expect me to race the hills with you and your dad? Is your mom going to run with us now?

For such a time, pleasing and all smiles with happiness was the mood within the home. Desiree amusingly dismisses such notion of running the hills with her family, but at heart she longed for the togetherness of the family through the simple things of life.

While the three laugh and talked together, through the doorway entered in Tes. Fully focus, and clearly occupied were her hands as she uses the force of her weight against the door using her back to burst in. Turning around, in her arms was what appear to be the young of an animal. Oh, my goodness, Tes, honey what is that? The legs are broken mom. Quickly, her dad reaches down and remove the animal from her arms. Is it alive? Asked Desiree, putting down her coffee and kneeling next to the young of the animal, while feeling its pulse. It is a fawn.

Entering the yard simultaneously as Tes enter the door was one of the Palabras, but due to such sudden happening with the fawn, the family did not realize the approaching of their neighbor. Neither did the Palabras fully understood what was happening within the Wilhelm’s home, but from her perspective through the open window, one at a time, she saw the disappearance of the Wilhelms, through the act of kneeling to conceal oneself she presumes. First was the father, then Desiree follows by Constantine.

Given that the Wilhelms were moved by the helpless fawn laying on the floor, down on their knees they all were surrounding the animal in support thereof. Nevertheless, Mrs. Palabras concluded she have seen enough, back she went toward her house up the hills.

Although not a one of the family enjoyed seeing the fawn laid helplessly, but once again the unlikely of things and circumstance brought the family together. Where did you find it, asked Desiree? It was in the pile of raked leaves; something was moving with sounds, and I saw it. With broken legs it is my responsibility to keep him. The legs aren’t broken honey, it is a newborn. Likely it was conceived this morning. If I’m right within any moment it will gain its ability to stand and walk, having it been seven hours. Such insight had mixed emotions on Tes. Glad she was to learn the legs of the young animal wasn’t broken, but this meant she likely couldn’t keep it. Glad was Constantine as well, knowing Tes did not venture into the plains alone to fine the animal, for it was him who have earlier introduce her to the plains. Right away, he gladly interjects to the ongoing conversation. Aren’t fawn born during the months of April through June? Yes baby, but for certain locations and other factors, like stress, they are conceived during this time of the year. Okay, hearing all this is insightful, but what are we going to do? I know daddy, we will keep him!

Everyone but Tes saw beyond the helpless animal. Compassion is caring, and with caring comes the responsibility of commitment. They accepted the compassion which ought to be given now, but with the realization that compassion comes with the commitment for caring beyond an instantaneous attraction.

Situations in life which are deemed perfect, or the opposite are predicated on how we perceive and conduct ourselves toward that which is now before us.

Now, laying before the family was a helpless young of an animal, and through their compassion the contemplation of commitment was being made. However, beyond all that was before them, Desiree perceived the decision to be made for an opportunity that would be deemed perfect with her family.

Quickly she did leave the presence of the family, while returning in a casualwear from that of her office wear. Having already conceived a plan for the family based on the current situation, yet she knew their cooperation was essential to the plan. However, being the mother of the family, she knew she can have her way without directly seeking their approval.

We are going to tend to the needs and care for our new helpless young friend, now and today. Constantine baby, you don’t have any prior engagement, don’t you? It can wait, mom. Well, that settles it. Your dad and I will call it a day for work as well.

Although he wasn’t previously aware of the shutting down of work for that day, but the need to acknowledge was greater than an excuse to dismiss the reason for the cause. For the dynamic of the family consist not only of a structure, but the harmony of support.

There stood Desiree in her blue jeans, wearing her hiking boots, with a windbreaker on top of a t-shirt. With the rest of the family now standing, but down on the floor remains Tes with the fawn. It was an exhilarating experience for her, with the feeling of been overwhelmed. Yet she remains actively engage with the animal while still being a part of the family conversation. Therein, she proposed a name for the fawn, but at the same time being open for a suggestion. However, they all knew their suggestions won’t matter if Tes have already thought of a name. Looking up at her dad, we will call him Stuck, daddy. Interesting, but he is no longer stuck, honey. So, I’m thinking we called him Freddy, as in Free-deer? Shaking her head was Desiree followed by an outburst of laughter. Really, Freddy?

Do you have anything better than my Freddy?

You bet I do, Freddy. Our little helpless friend was a gift, an early Christmas gift, so we will call him Gabe. With a bewildered expression, he followed up, Gabe as in Gabriel?

No, Gabe as in gift, it’s German for gift. Now even more confused, why German he asked?

Desiree was accustomed to often explaining herself in the presence of her family, such was the case with the name, Gabe in relation to Christmas. Christmas as we know it, has it early roots in Germany, and the fawn was an early Christmas gift, and Gabe means a gift in German, so he’s Gabe.

Nevertheless, as it was expected, from below Tes once again voiced her opinion. I think we should call him Stuck, mommy. Amidst all the names picking, silence was Constantine until he voiced in, having heard, and considered both sides of the conversation.

Mom, your choice for a name during this time of the year is unique in connection with early Christmas in Germany. So is Tes’ choice for a name. If I am correct, the word “Stuck,” if it is spelled with an umlaut, it means portion of a piece, in German. It is appropriate I think, the fawn has added a piece of excitement to our family bond.

Having heard that, Desiree couldn’t be more pleased, for she saw more than a helpless animal in their midst. In her perception, this was an opportunity to come together as a family, and Constantine did perceive and understood the opportunity that was at hand.

As the family readies themselves for the outing together, concerning the fawn, outside in proximity to their home was Jason. Slowly moving, but steady as a man on a mission. Firstly, seen was his white hair, neatly kept in a flow with his white sideburns and beard. The appearance of his outfit always reflected the time of the season, and now, such was the color of his peacoat.

To others, Jason might be seen as that of an encroacher, but nothing was further from the perception of his neighbors than that of an encroacher. Though the capacity of his role did seem diminished for such a time, but he remains faithful to his position. Unorthodoxly he conveys information throughout the hills for residences expecting delivery of all sorts, even for future appointments and those that were due.

To those who aren't familiar with Jason, his character projects that of a mystery, but for the folks of DeedFair-Ville, familiarity one to another weaved throughout the hills, and such was Jason toward his neighbors. However, there is more to a man than that which is seen outwardly. For an outward projection is a partial reminder of an impetus momentum, for the reason of the things we do, and why we keep doing it.  

At times, if the validation and the momentum initiating our actions aren’t predicated on the applaud of others, or if our motives aren’t driven by the profit from our assistant to others, then regardless of where we find ourselves in life, or the change in time; the fruit of our labor will continue to abound. For from within is the desire to do that which is right. Like Jason, to those that are true to themselves, their work continues, and it avails much.

The official role of Jason to his neighbors remains unofficial, in that though he wasn’t officially appointed as a liaison, but he officially remains faithful wherein he heralded those things of importance throughout the hills. When his task presented him as a courier, with that came his advice to those he met with. For as long any could remember, Jason was there.

He knew everything about DeedFair-Ville, and even at times within the lives of its residence. Strange perhaps to others, but accepted by his neighbors, through his unwavering dedication to them, time after time. He was like a program which works in the background, one might forget it is there, but its results are felt day by day. That which he has dedicated his life to do, he did, and uniquely it was carried out. The breadth and length of DeedFair-Ville was his office, all through the year. If he ever had a day off, such would have been the retrieving into his home having carried out his task for that day, there he lived alone. His chalet like home rested at the back end of his plot of land. All that was to be seen on his property was before him, leaving nothing behind him, due to the position of his home, and his perception of life. The narrow front yard led to the overhanging eaves of his home.  

Though he lived alone, but he remains a crucial part of his surroundings, and in the lives of all. In as much, sportively at times he was called the living monument. His dedication openly spreads out to all, but to Desiree, fixedly was his unflinching loyalty.

Now, beyond the Wilhelm’s hedge, there stood Jason, and out came the family together, while warmly greeting him simultaneously. Waving at the Wilhelms, he did smile and nodded. Desiree, he called out, your Christmas tree will be delivered tomorrow.  

Having heard Jason’s reminder, she urges her family to keep on going toward the hills from where came the fawn as she walked toward Jason. The relationship between the two was unique. Although Jason did keep to himself, but for his role, he was often indirectly involved with the residence of DeedFair-Ville. In this manner, such was the bond with Desiree. The bond between the two was highly present, but never fully developed. Their greetings consist of more than a smile with a nod. A customary warm embrace was followed, wherein he would take her hands in his hands with a look of gladness in his eyes while asking every time, if everything was okay with her? That moment for Desiree always played out the same. Therein, everything was indeed better, looking up at him and being in his present. Her knowing of him was established as neighbors of DeedFair-Ville, but the fondness extended beyond what she could perceive as neighbors.  

With her back toward her family and her hands in the hands of Jason, wider grew the distance between Desiree and her family as they walked the hills with the fawn in their midst. While she talked with Jason, the echo of the chattering of her family drifted through the chilly autumn late afternoon as they could be heard. The chattering filled with life and the joy of being together out in the open. So it was apparent to Jason, through his auditory perception. Gazing upon Desiree with a smile while still holding on to her hands, and being aware of the chattering of her family. The soft fading of their voices beyond the distance became a reminder to Jason, of his life and commitment to the hills. Although time have changed, but it was gratifying for him to see the simplicity of life as the means of joy. Rather than the use of technology to simplify life and living while forgetting the meaning of living.

Jason was aware of the time wherewith they now lived. When the technological advancement of the time assisted more and more, does it become our assistant, or to those that accept, unknowingly embark on a path to replace themselves?

What is the fine line between comfort and replacement? Perhaps the humble role of Jason was a reminder a people cannot trade the comfort of efficiency over the fundamental nature of being human, the need to interact with others. Since his impetus momentum wasn't predicated on the applaud of others, but from within him, even before the changes and the advancement of time. The reason for his actions remains unknown, but the fruit of the action continues to be felt throughout DeedFair-Ville. 


Jason being an unofficial liaison, for he was the one with the idea of branching out unto the hills for an establishment rather than seeing life continues on the plains. In his words at that time, how can we progress as a community if we can’t see beyond ourselves? We must explore and not live pathetically as scoundrels in these plains. That hill is our destiny! And I will do everything in my willpower to make it our future, with or without you. That He did, for through him and his youthful ambitions of those years, regardless of the current relationship amongst the people. His enthusiastic need for an establishment of a settlement on the hills led to what is now DeedFair-Ville. This was also the beginning of the bitter but unspoken division between the residents of DeedFair-Ville and those of the plains below DeedFair-Ville. Although such division wasn’t seen through the people, for it has been many years since the separation, but what was seen as the reality of the division was exhibited through their way of life. For those of the plains, life was lived as it has always been. Simplicity, but with the peace of mind. Being appreciated of those things around them. The keeping of time became the recollection of the memories they made with their family and friends. Whereas, on the hills, time became a master which waited for no one. 


Consequently, the keeping up with time led to their strive of great innovation and technological advancement, but for many, in their advancement they became isolated from the inner need of peace, for the innovation of life. One could understand the silence burden Jason did carry. He gives life to a new way of life as it was always his dream of seeing life on the hills, yet he instigated the great division among his people. Leaving everything behind and those that meant the world to him, for his ambitions. The older he got; he realizes time was, but a master. Yes, he saw the momentous changes on the hills for the betterment of the people. But what was his memories of these time? None, but serving the times wherewith he lived. 


Any memories he held dearly to his heart; was that which came before DeedFair-Ville with those he once dearly cherished. 


It was a Sunday afternoon; the young Jason was at the apex of his life, as well as being at the top of the hills, where he could be seen a far off with his neatly brushback cut. Walking back and forth without leaving the proximity of his theodolite and those tools for the prospecting of the hills of what would come to be DeedFair-Ville. 

Patiently down below within the grassy borders of the hills was the beautiful Bruna. Her dark hair gracefully flows by the curvature of her side as she sits with her ankles crossed adorn in a light color broomstick skirt with a fitting paisley embroidered halter tank top which did illuminate her bronzy appearance. Beside her was a toddler, engage in the game of fetch the flowers off the fields and place it in the hair of Bruna. Although Bruna was a free-spirited girl, but for her gentle loving nature, there was no better choice for the catering of a child than in the care of Bruna of which the parents all assert to. 

Simple were their lives, but the love which did weaved through the plains was far from the average. It was their strength. Which did serve graciously amongst the people. Even for the path that was now taken by Jason, though they could not understand why he would think less of his people for the reestablishment of their way of life, but there were those who felt within that he will realize that change is not always predicated on what others have, but for the good for those that are receiving the change. Life is not always a competition, but the acceptance of who we are with the appreciation of what we are a part of. 


Such was Bruna, sitting at the base of the hills with the toddler in her company, she patiently waited for his return to the plains. Jason was occupied with his ambitious plan on the hills yet being aware of Bruna’s presence below. But for this day, the more those ideas within him were being formulated, evidently those things and people around him somewhat became silence to his cause. 


For a moment she self-examined all that have been transpiring: 

Jason is doing what he believes is for the shaping of the future. What is the difference between his actions and my commitment to this child? I’m watching over her and protecting her because in her is the future. Am I that different from Jason? 


As she pounders on these things, the toddler again returns for the placing of more flowers in her hair which led Bruna to embrace her within her arms, tightly. Therein, she concludes this is life and I am a part of it through my time spent with this child. I hurt no one by doing so. I am not Jason. Her hug was more than an embrace. It was an assurance wherein her love was poured out upon the child, while partially covering the feeling of sadness within her heart, but for the uncovered sadness that remains, out came the flow through the silence tears flowing down her cheeks while holding on to the child and picking up herself in the midst of the grassy field. 


Looking into the eyes of Bruna while being held, through her innocent touch she gently smears away the tears until a smile graces the face of Bruna. 

Out in the distance was Necker, another residence prominent as Jason through their youthful presence, but unlike Jason, he opposed the division. In so doing he became a part of the division, as the opposition. When the reason for a common ground is unfounded between the same people, no side is the victor, but the deterioration of the relationship deepens. 


However, the prolong of this division became possible in that they regarded the situation at hand as a separate entity while attempting to engage in their usual way of life with the keeping of their verbal communication and social interaction one with another throughout the plains. Such was seen in the fields. Having spotted Bruna in the plains; the steps of Necker hasten in an attempt to meetup with her. Although being aware of the fondness between her and Jason. His hands rested on her shoulder as she swiveled her long flowing hair with the turn of her posture to face him while holding the toddler on the side of her hips. Greeting both as he stood before them, lighted up became the face of Bruna as it was her nature in caring for all. 


Happening during that moment out in the distance was Jason, with the lugging of his prospecting tools, he piloted his path toward the three. With the awareness of his presence in their midst, Necker did turn to face Jason. The greetings were not of hostility, but neither was there transparency of merriment. But Bruna will become the tie that binds. Upon the nodding by Necker, Jason did reply verbally to the three as he reaches out in the anticipation of the toddler seeing her arms toward him, he took her into his arms, placing Bruna in the middle. 


In the open vast grassy field, they were with all their many differences, but from the sky’s point of view they were but a pint point within a bigger plan they knew not of. The soothing wind and its effect could be seen on the motions of the grass in the field. Yet above them fiercely graze the glow of the sun in the West, but before them up in the Eastern sky gradually formed the merging clouds.


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