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Understanding the times that you may endure beyond the present for a glorious future.

Understanding History, Faith, and Current Events: A Comparative Analysis

Embracing Divine Direction: A Journey of Faith and Sacrifice

Regardless of where we find ourselves in life, whether it’s in the broader context of the community or the land we inhabit, or on a more personal level within the family we belong to.

As believers, we gratefully desire and long for the divine directional path from the Lord. And rightly so, one ought to.

Like it was with Abraham, the father of our faith. This we read; Now the LORD had said unto Abram, get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee. Genesis 12:1

No matter how much sacrifice is required for the changes that lie ahead. If knowing it is the will of the Lord, there is a definite willingness to act and to adhere to such a call.

Abraham and Sarah: Lessons from the Past and Understanding Our Times

Such was Abraham and Sarah, then. The representation of a male and a female. Therefore, the lesson is for all, today. As we admire their action then, for a lesson to us now, let us also learn to understand the times that we may endure beyond the present for a glorious future.

The account of Abraham and Sarah yielding to the call of God through their action to ahead to His call, is recorded in the 12 chapter of Genesis.

However, before the call, there were things happening in the land and in the hearts of men. This we read in the preceding chapter of Genesis. Chapter 11.

  1. Failure to keep God’s covenant.

  2. Therefore, mankind erects their Tower of Babel.

  3. Though they reside under the heavens that God created, but they seek their own name and a fame upon the earth, without God in Heaven as their focus.

  4. Through this, confusion enveloped the land.

As it was once said; “To exalt man without God in Christ is to elevate him to a dizzy height from which he is sure to fall into hopelessness.”

Western Progress and Divine Covenant: A Reflection on Nimrod’s Legacy

Such it is today, speaking from the Western perspective. For the past 400 years, the Western nations, through the British empire and other European countries and then the United States has been instrumental for a change for the positive, worldwide. But through the span of time, these nations have failed to keep God’s covenant of which they were built upon in the beginning.

They have attempted to replace God through the glorification of self. They erect their own Tower of Babel, where men labor without any rest by the decreed and mandates of a few as it was with Nimrod of old. Now, in this day and age, confusion is everywhere.

Concerning Nimrod, at his initial start, it seems he did that which was right. But often times, with great success comes failure, for the maintaining of the right way, without the Lord as the focus.

He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. Genesis 10:9

That is to say, by the LORD's help he (Nimrod) was a great hunter. Even so, there was a common saying back then. "May the LORD make you as great a hunter as Nimrod."

Considering he was a mighty hunter. We can conclude he did that which was right, at the beginning. For at this point in history, the risk of a person being killed by wild creatures was higher than illness, or of age. Humanity was on a stage of repopulating, after the Noamic covenant. And so were the animals, it was after the flood the animosity and the friction between man and beast intensify. Most of these creatures were no longer herbivores – plant eaters. So, they became flesh eaters. One of the reasons for this sudden change was for the lack of vegetation, or the gradual regrowth of plant life which was destroyed or marred in the flood.

From Nimrod to Modern Times: The Consequences of Power and Abandoning Divine Covenant

Winged creatures were at liberty to see beyond their location for a better place. Consequently, they remained herbivores and at times omnivores. But for the larger creatures which did not travel as far as a winged creature, with the rapid birth rate of mankind, humans were not off their diet choice. So, one can see and reasoned, why Nimrod was considered a mighty man before the Lord. Hunting wild creatures meant saving lives and preserving humanity and the control of food distribution through the game of the animals hunted.

With this, came fame and many followers of Nimrod, young men who learned the deeds and the skills of hunting, Therein, he became a leader. But soon, their hunting wasn’t limited to animals, but the eliminating of competition through the opposition from other humans.

Without The Lord, man in his wrongdoing will find a means to justify their action.  Failure to keep God’s covenant, they erected their Tower of Babel as a place of knowledge and so-called progress. Instead of acknowledging the Creator, they worship the creation. Stars and planetary worship.

Such it is today, some of the few who control the public, they did not initially start doing the wrong thing. But with power came corruption, the denial of God and the control of the masses.

Enduring Faith: From Abraham and Sarah to Our Times

Let us be aware of such times, not as a deterrence to our faith, but that we may be counted worthy as an Abraham and a Sarah of our times. For it was succeeding a time of rebellion, ungodliness, selfishness, danger, and confusion that Abraham and Sarah receive a call for a new beginning. That they may see greatness beyond the current circumstance.

From their faithful act, by seeing beyond the world they were a part of and their circumstances, the result was the birth of Isaac – their son.

The name Isaac implies laughter. Today, at times, when we look at our surroundings, and the circumstances, hope seems laughable and out of reach. So was Sarah, having heard the words of the Lord that she would become a mother, she laughed at such an idea. The possibility seems out of reach. Yet, through the passage of time, Isaac was born, and they did laugh again, but this time it wasn’t the laugh of doubt, but of joy and a new beginning.

Today, where we are is because of the act of faith from our forefathers leaving where they were, to where we are now.  And within us all, is our Isaac, but let us understand the times that we may learn to endure beyond the present for a glorious future.

The LORD had appeared to Isaac and had said," . . .  stay in this land, where I tell you to stay. Live here, and I will be with you and bless you. I am going to give all this territory to you and to your descendants. I will keep the promise I made to your father Abraham. I will give you as many descendants as there are stars in the sky, and I will give them all this territory. All the nations will ask me to bless them as I have blessed your descendants. I will bless you, because Abraham obeyed me and kept all my laws and commands."

Genesis 26:2-5

Key points

These reflections provide a thoughtful perspective on faith, history, and current events. They remind us of the importance of understanding our times, learning from the past, and seeking divine guidance for the future.

  1. Understanding History, Faith, and Current Events: It’s important to comprehend our present circumstances in the context of history and faith. This understanding can guide us towards a better future.

  2. Divine Direction: As believers, we seek guidance from the Lord, much like Abraham who followed God’s call to leave his country and kindred (Genesis 12:1).

  3. Willingness to Sacrifice: If we know it’s God’s will, we should be ready to make necessary sacrifices and changes, just like Abraham and Sarah.

  4. Learning from the Past: The story of Abraham and Sarah serves as a lesson for us today, encouraging us to endure present challenges for a glorious future.

  5. Failure to Keep God’s Covenant: The Tower of Babel represents mankind’s attempt to make a name for themselves without God, leading to confusion and chaos.

  6. Western Perspective: Western nations have brought about positive change worldwide over the past 400 years. However, they have failed to keep the covenant they were built upon, replacing God with self-glorification.

  7. Nimrod the Hunter: Nimrod was a mighty hunter with the Lord’s help (Genesis 10:9). His story reminds us that success can lead to failure if we lose focus on the Lord.

  8. Post-Flood Changes: After the flood, the relationship between humans and animals changed, with many animals becoming carnivorous due to a lack of vegetation.

  9. Nimrod’s Rise to Power: Nimrod, a mighty hunter, gained fame and followers, eventually becoming a leader. However, his leadership led to competition and conflict among humans.

  10. The Tower of Babel: In their failure to keep God’s covenant, mankind built the Tower of Babel as a symbol of knowledge and progress, worshipping creation instead of the Creator.

  11. Power and Corruption: Those who control society today didn’t necessarily start with ill intentions. However, power often leads to corruption, denial of God, and control over the masses.

  12. Abraham and Sarah’s New Beginning: Despite living in a time of rebellion, ungodliness, selfishness, danger, and confusion, Abraham and Sarah received a call from God for a new beginning. Their faith led to the birth of Isaac, symbolizing hope and a new start.

  13. Isaac, Laughter, and Hope: The name Isaac implies laughter. Despite initial doubt, the birth of Isaac brought joy and a new beginning. This teaches us that even when hope seems laughable and out of reach, we can still look forward to a glorious future.

  14. God’s Promise to Isaac: God appeared to Isaac and promised to bless him and his descendants, giving them all the territory and keeping the promise He made to Abraham (Genesis 26:2-5).

These reflections provide a deeper understanding of biblical stories and their relevance to our current times. They remind us of the importance of faith, hope, and understanding the times we live in.

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Insightful for real. The comparisons speak volumes.

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It's good to see you writing more here in the blog again 👍👍 Insightful as always.

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