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  • Is there a cost to become a member of the site?
    Membership is free, there is no cost in becoming a member.
  • How can I become a member?
    The membership signup is avaliable on pages that requires signing in or access the Contact Page from the page menu to sign up.
  • Can I still access a page without being a member?
    Yes, all pages are accessible without a membership. However, certain contents on a page are reserved for members, such as, a preview of a new book, or other contents.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a member?
    Members get to interact with other members Post questions and comments in the forum and comments on blogs Notify when new contents are available on the site Notify of other members' comments, posts or question Access to new books before they are published Personal profile within the site Follow other members
  • Can I share the contents of the site?
    Yes, contents can be shared.
  • How do I share a content with others, or on a social media?"
    You can share a content by copying the page link. Or whenever there is an arrow next to a content, clicking the arrow will give you the options to share. The Facebook share button, when avaliable, is another way to share. The Twitter button, when available, is another way to share by tweeting the page.
  • Can I ask a question or send a suggestion without becoming a member?
    Yes, you don't have to be a member to send us a question or a suggestion. Simply navigate to the Contact Page, fill up your question or suggestion and the require fields, and then send.
  • Can anyone write a review or a testimony?
    Yes, simply navigate to the "Review and Testimony" page and fill out the form.
  • Where can I give my contribution to support your work?
    The giving buttons are located on the Contact page and the Resources Page
  • Can I use the quick questions and inquiries even if it is offline?
    Yes, you can send a message anytime, even if the Quick Chat is offline. However, your message cannot be responded to, unless you leave a contact info. Otherwise, send a full message through the Contact Page. Members can contact the site anytime through the Forum, General discussion or the Chat room.
  • Still cant find what you are looking for?
    Send a question here.
  • What is the difference between the quick chat and the chat room?
    The Quick Chat, or Chat and Inquire is located on all pages at the bottom right of the screen, it enables a visitor to chat live with a person. Whereas, the Chat Room is available 24/7 for multiple of users to communicate in real time.
  • Where is the Art Gallery?
    The ART GALLERY is available at the bottom of the Home Page by clicking the art work at the bottom of the screen. The ART GALLERY is also accessible from the bottom of the Recourses page by clicking the icon labeled "Art Gallery"
  • Can I buy artworks from the art gallery?
    Yes, some paintings and art works can be purchased, but portraits are exempted.
  • Where can I purchase an art work?
    Certain artworks can be purchased from the Store.
  • What does it mean an art work is out of stock?
    The particular print of the work is unavailable, they are restocked regularly.
  • How can I inquire about an item in the shop?
    Questions relating to items in the shop can be asked through the contact page or the Request page. CONTINUE TO THE REQUEST PAGE
  • Can I request an item in the shop to be customized to my liking?
    Yes, use the pages below: REQUEST PAGE CONTACT
  • Do you ship outside the U.S?
    Yes for now, Europe, South America, Asia, and all of North America. Please use the Request page if you are wanting an item to be shipped outside the U.S before you placed the order.
  • Is there a way I can keep up with progress on the site?
    Yes, through the New Contents page and the Bulletin.
  • Are there live activities on the site?
    Yes, the Forum, Lobby and the Chat Room are open 24/7. Bible study is held in the Chat Room, at a special time.
  • Where is the prayer page?
    The prayer page is on the Resources page
  • Where can I request a prayer?
    You can send in a prayer request through the Prayer Page
  • Where can I lookup a word or passage in the Bible?
    Below at: Lookup a word or passage in the Bible
  • Where is the Podcast page?
    The Podcast page can be accessed on the RESOURCES Page, at the top of the page or the bottom of the page.
  • What is the Multi-Language page for?
    The Multi-Language page consists of the translation of the site contents, from English to certain languages. Spanish Portuguese French
  • What is The Letters page?
    The Letters page offers insights, recollections and other personal messages from the writer, to the site members.
  • What is the Group Page?
    Like the Forum, the Group Page gives members the opportunity to chat with others and create a post, ask a question or start a discussion. Furthermore, members can create their own section within the Group page, like a Blog page where they are free to create and share new contents. CONTINUE TO THE GROUP PAGE
  • What is the live stream page?
    Live discussions and Bible study/devotional reading are held through the live stream page. Participants should be aware of the time these events start in order to partake. CONTINUE TO THE LIVE STREAM PAGE.

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