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Artist and writer PSW. P. S. Wilmot owner of A Walking New Man brand and website

A Walking New Man is an online business and a resource center which has grown into a worldwide community of people. P. S. Wilmot its founder, a patriot who has a passion for bringing great resources to others. Through his books, and his paintings and blogs, among other materials.

The site was originally founded and established as a space for discussion on books and the application for applying those things that are read about to the reader’s daily life. The idea soon grew into an online social platform, connecting more people worldwide. Which led to the establishment of a store and an online store with contents such as books, artworks and paintings showcasing faith and family values and current events.

A Walking New Man remains a sole proprietor to the founder P. S. Wilmot, an artist/writer, and the mastermind behind the brand, A Walking New Man.

In the recollections of his childhood, one of those things he passionately looked forward to was the reading section with his mother, during the after-school hours. She would ask him to read to her, although she knew these books were children’s books and the stories therein were geared toward a child, but the two would show great passion. As he recorded, seeing his mother showing great interest in the stories being read to her by him, his passion for reading grew greatly.

Instilling in him the love of books and reading, which carries over years later into his high school days. At which point he showed great interest in writing. Even before the high school years, as a child he would gather his friends without the ability to fully write, but he would construct a play with characters to be played by his friends and a storyline which always had a lesson in the end. 

Taking with him his passion for reading and writing, he continues therein until a somewhat baffling recollection. The nicest of the teachers once read over his works and told him, this is just not good. You could do better with something else. He did not take those words unto him as burden of disappointment. But continues to write, while integrating another of his childhood passions, inspired by his dad, the act of drawing and painting, which were coming together as one through his artworks with lessons.

But during the darkest times of his life’s experience, silence became the turning of the pages of the many books. Staying isolated, while trying to make sense of those feelings he was experiencing. At times in the confinement of life’s uncertainty, the mind builds a physical barrier around the individual. As he later wrote in his pictorial autobiographic, A Walking New Man. I thought I had it all and all was figured out about life, until I knew not what I was missing, and when I couldn’t find it. I lost myself. These were hard times, but the only words that penetrated to him were the words of his mother. “I am praying for you.” She would often tell him.

The interest in the book did cease, but for one. His Bible became a source for hope and curiosity.

In his words, I used my experience of reading as a means to open the pages of the Bible and find something within to change my situation, but I failed miserably to understand the contents therein. Although I read the renowned books and authors, the Shakespeare’s and epic poems as Beowulf, and many intellect writers, such as Robert Frosts and more, but the Bible became a deeper sea of mystery, the more I attempted to use my ability to understand it. But this I know, with desire learning comes easy to those who persist. However, persistence is not always how hard we try, but how more do we want it? For the individual without the Lord, to themselves they are their biggest hindrance. Therein, in order to find ourselves, we must be willing to let go of who we are. Knowing that my ways did not birth in me those things I once wished for, but I now trust, there must be a new way and it is the way of the Lord. That I may walk therein as a walking new man.

Today these are the experience of a walking new man, sharing with others as a testimony of hope.
We do not see all things, but the Lord does, and may we learn to trust Him, in all that we do.
The site continues to expand for those interested in fine art and books dealing with faith, life, and living.  And with the add-on of custom products to the store.

Though the business remains local, but from an online aspect, it is national and international.
With the founder’s understanding of web algorithms, within a few years, the site and its contents are showing at top on the major search platforms such as Google and Bing.

With the change in the world, we have seen in the past years through lockdowns and working from home, many people have ventured into home business and online marketing businesses. This is the competition for A Walking New Man, most competitors are those who visit the website and see the success and take upon themselves to do the same thing, even the selling of similar products. However, P. S. Wilmot believes persistence will outlast the competitors, regardless of high sales or low sales, high traffic, or low traffic; he believes it is his responsibility to be faithful and continue to offer quality content while being persistent. Writing books that the readers can relate to, and custom products that represent the individual and their beliefs in relation to current events.

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