The attempts of sin

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

One of the attempts of sin is to prevent the believer who has sinned from worshiping

the Lord by dangling the guilt as a distraction in the sight of the believer. Wherewith,

preventing progression.

The reflection of sin is guilt and condemnation, but let us look to Jesus, Who is without

sin, that His perfect image may reflect on us. By knowing His perfection, we shall

behold His mercy. Through this we are justified and appear innocent before God. Not

to condone the sin of the believer, but that the believer might perceive the goodness of

God, despite his or her failures, the grace of God is ever present.

So then, if He loves us even when we sin. Let us love Him and follow after Him, even

when we stumble. Let us confess our sin and praise Him by faith. Praise in times of

despair is not predicated on how we feel, but what we know. For He said, I will never

leave you nor forsake you, even unto the end of the Earth. (This we know)

Now on to the illustration of this message.

If a shepherd sheep wanders and plunges into the ditch of mud. The good Shepherd, although seeing His sheep in a ditch covered in mud and filth. Yet, in the mind of that good Shepherd, He does not see the current filth. All He cares about is restoring His sheep to its rightful state, when all the filth is clean and His sheep is pure by His side. However, the process in which it occurs, from the ditch to purity, it takes time, but the good Shepherd is faithful. He shall save, separate and restore His sheep.

Likewise, Christ is our good Shepherd and we are His sheep, though we find ourselves in the ditch and filth of sins. Yet, He doesn't see the sin, but in His mind, His desire is to help us. Save us from the filth of sins, separate us from the elements of sin, and restore us by His side.

If we sin and call upon Him, instantly we are justified and consider clean in the mind of God. However, the time span from the ditch and onto the side of our Lord, it is not instant. Nevertheless, it is a process in which, though we fail at times, but let us desire His righteousness more, but without ignoring the wrongdoing of sin. However, we do not dwell on sin. Instead, we sincerely hope to be restored and learn from such a mistake.

Through repentance, which means to turn away from . . . Although anyone can turn away from sin for a while, but he who turns away from sin, but doesn’t have a focus to look upon, he or she will again turn to sin because they do not have a focus point to look to. The power of sin is great. Therefore, one needs a greater point of focus. That greater point of focus is the Cross of Christ. It was at the Cross, Christ defeated the power of sin (Colossians 2:14). Therefore, like a beacon in the dark. Let us look to the Cross that we may see the light of God and to be drawn from the darkness of sin, into the pure light of God Almighty.

The distance wherewith we travel is long. We shall fall and stumble at times, but let us keep moving forward by looking into the light which is the Cross. Knowing it was there sin was defeated. Likewise, it is where we ought to be, and by His grace, His eyes are upon us. So then, let our desire be one with Him. He will lead us safely home.




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