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Little Tommy and Jack his father the story teller, walk through the Badlands in hurry to their outskirt settlement as the sun set in the northwest. The shadows of the boy and the men grew behind them as the curiosity rise within Little Tommy.  He firmly held to his father’s hand. Why is it the Badlands the boy asks his father, does not good prevail, bad, is there hope for the Badlands to ever be a good land again? Jack was one of the many who dwell on the outskirt of the Badlands, by shuffling through the waste of what was once a land of hope, they piece together scraps for a hope for another day.

Though the land stood in silence, but the past of its greatness could be heard in its failed structures. The roads that once brought together civilization and people now serve as the display of man’s failed idea, partly covered in the course of nature. At least the failures of the past and nature did come together, displaying man's broken ingenuity. Cover in green grass and vegetation with the rise of the earth from beneath the feet, soiling the concrete that once lay below the fast-moving feet of the inspired people of the land. Indeed, fast were they and their desire for a change and impatient for a result to a change. 

As little Tommy continues to tug on his father’s hand, Jack snaps out of his thoughts. Gently pulling the boy by his side, he replied; son, when equality is no longer served by justice, moral lose its course among the people. Without fairness, unreasonable ordeals lead to the demise of a land. Looking up at his father, little Tommy curiously asks again, what does this means? With a gaze in his eyes and love for his son. 


Jack firmly held to the child’s hand. Son, when people dispute because of their indifference, without addressing the reason for the many indifference, they engage in a battle without an objective. They struggle to overpower one another. This was Jack way of saying to the boy, we have lost it all.


One might conceive defeat based on life’s condition due to a certain situation. Nevertheless, the moral fiber of life will serve as a perseverance and a compass to that which is right. Regardless of life’s position. Doing that which is right will exalt all people, but the compromise of good for evil is a reproach to all people. 

Jack and Tommy shuffled through the badlands, scavenging whatsoever they see fit to take home, but the lack of findings on this day open an opportunity for discussions between the boy and the man. Questions and answers, learning and reflecting. Due to the lack of finds on this trip, Jack decided to take a path, a path the dwellers of the outskirt forbid to tread thereon. As his hesitation causes his steps to gradually slow, he found himself trailing his son’s steps. As curiosity grew within the child, Tommy pulls onto his father’s hand, looking ahead, he took the lead in the walk. In the distance was something massive from the boy’s perspective. Grand, but hideous, notable but hallow.

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