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The long-awaited captivating account of little Tommy and his father is now available. An eye opener, and a thought provoking read. Follow their journey, and their discoveries as you discover yourself in this one-of-a-kind account, a read for the entire family. And hope for every situation we find ourselves in.  


Blurb from the book Amerihollow


Though the land stood in silence, but the past of its greatness could be heard in its failed structures. The roads that once brought together civilization and people now serve as the display of man’s failed idea, partly covered in the course of nature. At least the failures of the past and nature did come together, displaying man's broken ingenuity. Cover in green grass and vegetation with the rise of the earth from beneath the feet, soiling the concrete that once lay below the fast-moving feet of the inspired people of the land. Indeed, fast were they and their desire for a change and impatient for a result to a change.


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