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The number of women listed in Christ’s genealogy are four women, representing the universality of the good news of Jesus Christ and His Church. Four women of whom were outsiders to the commonwealth of Israel.

Thamar – A Canaanites, rejected from the commonwealth of Israel and God’s plan. Facing judgment due to her sin, but by the grace of God she was grafted into God’s plan for His kingdom, through the genealogy of Christ. Her marriage to Judas removed her from the path of death and place her into the genealogy of Christ and the oneness with Him. In her story, we perceive God’s plan for salvation for the outcast and sinner. 

Rahab – A woman of a non-Jewish background, living in sin and the work thereof. But greater is the power of God to save the sinners and preserve the saints. Through the power of God, she let go of her past and by faith Rahab freely received the water of life which is Christ. Though her surrendering perish under God’s judgment. Yet, Rehab believe in God and by His grace, a red thread of line was given to her by the Jews to hang upon her window as a token to save and preserve Rahab and her household during the time of judgment. This red line or cord which hung from her window, typified the heart and conscience of the believer, in respect to the acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ and His precious shared Blood. The window typified the heart, the red cord typified the Blood of Jesus. Without which the sinner cannot be save nor, can the saint be sanctify. Both recipients must receive by faith. Thus, by faith Rahab did not perish. By faith she was saved and by faith she was preserve and brought in to the congregation of the Lord through her marriage to Salmon. She puts on the Robe of righteousness.


True righteousness is from God. She who was an outcast from the plan of God. Today Rahab belongs to God. The account of Rahab in Christ’s genealogy illustrates to us that those who are in the family of God, received salvation by faith and sanctification by faith. We are save by faith and we shall be preserve in the congregation of Christ by faith. 

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