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Dreams, are they all meaningful or meaningless?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Dreams, are they all meaningful or meaningless?

That which we lack discernment of, is usually that which we ignore and sometimes fear, or deem unnecessary. Nevertheless, as a child of God, we do not have the spirit of fear, neither do we serve a God of confusion nor limitations. He is (omniscient) all knowing. Although, we in ourselves are not all knowing like He is, but since He loves us we can rest assured He will lead us in all truth and transparency, by such means the world might consider unnecessary, like dreams. They are more than the human subconscious imbedded in an idle mind through sleep. However, we are not to use dreams as an intermediate portal between us and God. Nevertheless, because God is all knowing, let it be Him who use dreams to communicate with us as He see fit, and when He does, let us acknowledge and take heed to that which we receive and sincerely act upon it. With care and admonition.

Let us dream dreams but the dream of God. Though man will try to kill these dreams. Yet, it shall come to pass if we believe and rest in the finished work of Christ.

Let us dream dreams, though it be characteristic of the heathen world, and thus labeled as superstition, but dream in its origination as recorded in the chronological record of the Scriptures, is originally from God, and in times has served as a precaution to preserve the godly believer. (Genesis 20:3)

God’s promise of protection, provision and blessings during a time of uncertainty

Genesis 28:12.

Preparation before perilous times

Genesis 41:25.

Encouragement in time of a great fear

Judges 7:15.

In closing, the 300-year-old words of Henry come to mind. It has withstood the test of time and resonate with the reader today as it was, when it was written in the 1700s. It is applicable today due to its inspired scriptural foundation. In these, he wrote;

The more we abound in God's work the more comfort we may expect in him; if the day has been busy for him, the night will be easy in him. Silence and retirement befriend our communion with God. His kindest visits are often in the night, Psalm_17:3. 3. The manner. It was in a dream, when he was asleep, his senses locked up, that God's access to his mind might be the more free and immediate. In this way, God used to speak to the prophets (Numbers_12:6) and to private persons, for their own benefit, Job_33:15, Job_33:16.

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P. S. Wilmot
P. S. Wilmot
Jan 26, 2018


We sometimes fear the unknown, but we know whom we have believed. He will lead us into all Truth.


Great insight, without getting all spooky, but not disputing the divine power of dreams either.

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