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Golgotha (Cross)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

In Earth's grand view with many eminent of awe inspiring wonders, including the majestic renowned geographical charms. Its mighty rivers, and those that no longer roar. In the once roaring path, they left traces of wonders, dividing lands, cutting through solid rocks. These things draw men closer, entrancingly so. As do the majestic peaks, towering beyond all things into the cloudy skies with its white snowy crown. Its massive width as a backdrop for all that are in sight.

These and many more are entrancing to the mind. Then, there is the obscureness of a place (of our text) that have witnessed the unfolding history of Earth and the Universe, like none other. Yet, it is silent to the natural ears. A quick glance of this place will not enlighten nor suffice as visually pleasing. Yet, it speaks far beyond the ears, it speaks to the soul of men. Man is a being, a living being that perceives. A being that develops, a being with a purpose. So then, how can a purpose be a random act that just happens? A purpose is that which is anticipated. Anticipation is an expectation. An expectation is a belief, a belief is that which is held as true. The truth is, man is a created being by God, with a purpose.

Augustine once said; the soul, created for God, will not rest until it rests in God. Indeed, he was right. So then, how can the soul rest in God, considering He is from above and we are from below? Nevertheless, God the Creator chooses not to allow the soul to wander without rest. In His wisdom, He chose this place of silence that speaks to the soul of men.

A place not of geographical beauty, neither grand because of its physicality, but a place where the soul of all men can relate. A place called Calvary. A place chosen by God. A place the wandering soul of men may rest. The only place God will meet with men. The meeting place of the Creator and His creation. However, the meaning of such place, at first glance is not of a rosy delight. Calvary or Golgotha, as it is rendered in the Hebrew language. Is a place meaning the place of a skull.

A human skull doesn't portray the outward of a man. Rather, it shows the inside of a man. His motives, his conscience and his desires and thoughts. Upon the first glance, it is not a pretty picture. Such is the skull of a man. It is never seen unless there is death. So then, why would God choose such a place, a place of skull to meet with men? To understand God's reason, is to look at men's condition. Although created by God, but man through willfulness, rebelled against God, man became a malefactor. His act of rebellion became the act of sin. Through sin, comes insanity.

  1. Wherewith, men lied, causing hurt to another.

  2. Cheat, destroying trust.

  3. Murder, causing pain and horror to another.

  4. Gossip, devouring the character of others.

  5. Steal, gaining by the loss of others.

  6. Disloyalty, causing anarchy and the lack of love, birthing hate and hate causing separation.

  7. Unbelief, causing rejection. Primarily, the rejection of God.

All these things and many more are the works of sin. They do not cause the betterment of men, they bring out the worst in men. Yet, men continue to do these things. So then, why is it repeated among men for generations to generations? Because there is an insanity to sin. Insanity is the disorder of the mind. The mind is housed in the inner being of men. Precisely the head, beneath its exterior covering is the skull. Hence, God chooses to meet with men, where the problem resides. In the mind of men. Thereby at the place called Golgotha, meaning skull. In order for a patient to be treated for a problem. He or she must correspond with the physician, to know their problem and the danger thereof.

Therefore, God is our great physician, when we meet Him at Calvary, the image of a skull in which it portrays. It is the mirror picture of sinful man at the hands of the Great Physician. The problem must be destroyed. Hence, there is only a skull when there is a death. However, can a man dies and learn a lesson? Absolutely not. Therefore, God in His wisdom chooses to die in the place of men, but God is a Spirit, He cannot die. Thereby He took on the form of a man. The man Christ Jesus. That He might take away our sin, by destroying the insane sinful mind and making available a new mind. The payment of sin is death. So, Christ paid the price through His death on the Cross. One might ask why it has to be death as a payment?

We live in a world govern by laws. Laws that are set in place by God, which must be carried out to achieve a result. An example: imagine darkness and imagine light. They are two entities of their kind, to eradicate darkness, light must be present. That is an established law, light cancels darkness. The absence of a matter is space. Likewise the result of sin is death. But what gain shall it be with a man that he should die to learn a lesson? He cannot learn. However, Christ died on the Cross in place of all of mankind.

The death of the Cross, was the death given to a felon, but Christ who was perfect and knew no sin nor did any wrong. He took the place of sinful man. Today, Calvary stands as the most eminent of all awe inspiring wonders on Earth, and the Cosmos beyond because man does not have to physically go to Israel to experience the wonders of Calvary. Instead, Calvary reaches out to the soul of all men. Though externally we differ, looks, ethnicity, locations and race, but internally we all faced the same problems and there is, but one solution. God's plan for humanity, Jesus Christ. He who died for our sins. Yet, He lives again and forever.

An adventurer might express his delight in travelling the width and breadth of the icy wonders of the Antarctica, but how shall the African in the jungle of Africa who have never seen any snow relate to such? Or an explorer can boast of his or her greatest feat of exploring the Himalayas and climbing the top of Mount Everest, but how can a person who despises height appreciate such feat?

But for those who have experience Calvary, they can share with anyone, anywhere, how Jesus Christ died for their sins and He has open a portal to God and a meeting place with God, that whatsoever problem can be brought to the Cross on Calvary and that problem or problems shall be taken care of. Everyone anywhere can relate to that because in the inner being of all mankind is a lack and want. A void only Christ can fill. He breathed the soul and created man.

The soul, created for God, will not rest until it rests in God. At Calvary, we see beauty beyond the great mountains, of majestic proportions. At Calvary, we see beyond the beauty of the clear visibilities of the prairie. At Calvary, we see beyond the beauty of Earth's flowing rivers. The beauty seen at Calvary is the gratitude felt, at the place of a skull. Therewith our problems are crucified with Christ. Yet, we live, but we live because we are free from the penalty of sin which is death. Which Christ took on our behalf because he loved us, and give Himself for us.

Although we were not present and many will never get the chance to see the place of Calvary, but it left a trace of wonders, not of division, but of unity that all may follow therein by faith. Through faith we perceive, so the life which we now live, we live by faith in Christ Jesus who loved us and give Himself for us. The barrier of sin that once separated us from God is broken down.

The insanity of sin that once drove us, is laid down at the foot of the Cross. There at the Cross we abide and receive the continuous act of the renewing of our mind. Forsaking our human will, which led us to wander. Forsaking dependence on self by drawing to Calvary for a total dependence on Him. He who is dependent is provided for, if man can provide for another, what more about God? He certainly shall provide all our needs, if we meet Him at Calvary.



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