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Jews - called to survive.

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

The endurance of opposition will determine the nature of the people, as victims, or their refusal of the acceptance of victimization; will lift them above the shadows. Through the persistence aspiration of being better, they will be better.

There hasn’t been a nation or a race of people on earth, and in its history, who have suffered the agony of slavery and opposition more than the Jews. Still, the progression and the contributions to humanity, has never been greatly blessed than the influence of the Jews to society. At the beginning of their young history, less than three generations after their founding by God through Abraham and Sarah, they found themselves in slavery for 430 years (Exodus 12:40). Then came their deliverance.

Yet centuries later, came Assyria, taking the northern kingdom into captivity. Thereafter, even the southern kingdom fell to the yoke of bondage.

Then came Babylon and its power of destruction upon the Jews, the desolating of the nation and taking of those they consider as worthy as slaves, to Babylon.

As world empires rise and fall, came Cyrus, who granted the Jews the return to their land. Though they were in the native land, yet they were ruled by the outsider. Even unto the birth of Christ. His ministry, His life, His death and His resurrection.

Once again, came the Romans’ war machine, and destroyed the land and murdered many, selling the remaining throughout the world as slaves. Nevertheless, in their dispersion they were divinely protected from total annihilation.


The dear upright people:

As the Jews were envied by the world around them of those days, and hated by many, so it is now. Their exclusiveness, their non-intermarriage commitment, with the nations (at that time). Expect on rare occasions. These people lived by themselves, yet, they flourished. During a time when polytheism was the core of all civilizations. Yet, they served one God.

Though they were ridiculed for worshiping an unseen God. Yet, the unseen God overcame the many seen gods, made by the hands of men. The scruples of their sense of right and wrong, in what they eat or did not eat. How and when they worship. In these things, through the natural eyes, the Jews were criticized and hated among all people. Yet, they flourished.

However, these things and many more are only the evidence of the true source of their blessings. The source is God. For He have chosen these people through Abraham (I will make of you a great nation. And I will bless you and make your name great; and you will be a blessing.) Genesis 12:2

Through Abraham and Sarah came Isaac. Through Isaac came Jacob, the son of Isaac, who name was changed to Israel. Through him came the nation. From his offspring’s can all the descendants of the Jews be traced.

Through them would flow His blessings to all the earth, as a river and its tributaries flow through the earth in many directions. Springing forth life wherever it flows. Such are the Jews and their contributions, then and now, but like a river, their source is from a greater existence. Neither can a river sustain itself and provide life for its surroundings unless it connects with its source.

Webster defines source as a first cause; original; that which gives rise to anything. With that being said, God is the source of all things. As recorded in Genesis chapter one verse one; ...In the beginning God...

He is the first cause and the source of all things, as well as the uniqueness of the Jews and His blessings through them.

Like a river which brings forth life wherever it flows. The Jews brought forth life as long they were connected to the source of life. Through them came great men, moved on by God to bring forth the Bible.

Leaders and individuals who change the course of history like none other.


c. 1805 BC; a slave boy in the chains of Egypt, but when Egypt called upon him, he held no animosity toward those who had him in chains. But in submission to God, he gives an advice that saved Egypt from the destruction of famine.

From betrayal and slavery, Joseph rose to become the second most powerful man in Egypt.


c. 1500 BC; The Lawgiver. The Ten Commandments, the fundamental values which has been proven as a success for moral excellence, ethical values and a sound reverence toward God, for a successful nation.


c. 1000 BC; The Psalmist and a warrior king. An unlikely combination. Yet, he held both adequately and shaped the geographical formation of the Mideast.


c. 478 BC; a maiden in exile, facing execution along with her fellow Jews, but her beauty surpasses the condemnation of her people, and placed her in the king's palace as the queen of Persia. Through this, the murderous plot was prevented. She saved her people from annihilation without lifting a sword. Today, Jews around the world celebrate the Festival of Purim; to commemorate the saving of the Jews in ancient Persia from a murderous plot "to destroy, kill and annihilate all Jews."


c. 50 AD, the apostle of Jesus Christ. A Jew of the tribe of Benjamin, born in Cilicia, in the city of Tarsus. A University City of its days. One cannot comprehend the impact of Christendom, without acknowledging the labor of the apostle. Through him, the Gospel of Jesus Christ flows out from Israel to the surrounding nations for the first time.

Like a tributary from a river, nourishing from whither it flows.

Paul the apostle of Jesus Christ established churches far beyond the borders of Israel and travel the world sharing the Good News. From Cyprus to Greece, from Greece to the islands of the sea, including Malta and to Italy. Cultures of greed and barbarism eventually turn into a society of rules and establishment.

Civilization as it is known in the Western world and its liberty, is owed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the apostle Paul.

Moreover, through the Jews came the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Savior of all humanity.

The contribution of the Jews and their impact on the world, is predicated in the source of their blessing. But like a river if the source is neglected, the once flowing river shall run dry.

Taken from the author’s book, Through the Scriptures.


Modern contributions to society made by Jews.

Gabriel Lipmann

Discovered color photography. The pathway for the color TV and the smartphone.

Dov Moran

Inventor of the USB- FLASH DRIVE. The advancement of data storage and sharing, photography and instant video recording and sharing. The transformation of the computer, from a size of a room to the reduced size as a laptop. The capability of saving data on a mobile-phone. All these and more are made possible by the invention of the USB – FLASH DRIVE.

Jonas Salk

Creator of the first Polio vaccine.

Albert Sabin

Developed the oral vaccine for Polio.

Before the vaccine from both men, polio was a pandemic paralyzing the world. During the 1930’s, there were thousands of cases and deaths. The disease was controlled using the inactivated Salk polio vaccine and the Sabin oral polio vaccine.

Martin Cooper

Inventor of the world first cell phone.

Christopher Columbus

The discoverer of the Americas.

Isaac Singer

Inventor of the sewing machine.

Levi Strauss

Businessman, and the founder of the first company to manufacture the iconic “blue jeans.” The manufacturer of Denim Jeans.

Although many of the names listed above are of the nationality of an American, but they are descendants of Jews.

Other contributions

The Nobel Prize, an international annual award for outstanding contributions to chemistry, physics or physiology and medicine or literature or economics or peace. In the history of the award, from 1901 to 2017, 892 individuals have been awarded the Nobel Prize. 201 were Jewish, 22.5% of those awarded are Jewish. Yet, the Jewish population only comprises less than 0.2% of the world's population.

Little is much when God is in it. So then, is this a validation that all successful Jews acknowledge God? No, however, it was to Abraham the father of the Jews God gives His promise. I will make of you a great nation. And I will bless you and make your name great; and you will be a blessing. And in your Seed (children) shall all the nations of the earth be blessed because you have obeyed My voice. Genesis 22:18

No one is deserving of the Grace of God, but God is Love and God is faithful.

Let not the past of misfortune be a hindrance, but a reminder to be the best we can be, by trusting in God.

____________________________________ 🎨PSW·3✒©

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P. S. Wilmot
P. S. Wilmot
May 12, 2018


Yes they have indeed, no other nation or people can trace their beginning by written records to their first ancestor.


P. S. Wilmot
P. S. Wilmot
May 10, 2018


Thank you, and God bless you too.


Great work!! God bless u

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