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Praise, a way of life.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Are we led by what we feel, or what we know?

Praise is the declaration of Faith.

Before progressing, let us be familiar with the two points of interest, knowing and feeling. The two words bear close similarity, through their perception.

To know is to perceive with certainty; to understand clearly. To be informed of; to be taught. Whereas, the feeling we speak of in this context is that which is enacted through a reaction. It doesn’t have to be taught, nor clearly understood. Consequently, it is not grounded through clarity and teaching, for where there is teaching, there must be time to learn and perceive. Instead, this feeling wherewith we speak of, is led by the circumstances or conditions at hand.

Am I led by what I see or what I have learned through the heart? Worldly visuals may cloud my mind like a dark cloud, and its roots to harden my heart’s decision at times. Though the situation is bleak at times, but I know He is watching over me. To lead me through the shadow of this narrow path.

So then, considering we live in an ever-changing world, shall we always be led by the circumstances? Or would the believer search deep within the heart for that which was once learned? Though I perceive the change of time and condition wherewith I now stand, but this one thing I know, the Lord is aware, and He is in control. Therefore, I will praise His Holy Name.

The practical use and the result of praise

Praise is the declaration of Faith, but we can never truly praise if we are always led by what we feel. For many are the troubles of the days, so few shall be the praise of the lips, if the mind is engulfed in its feelings of circumstance at hand, it sees not past its situation. Though the right hand of the Lord is reaching out to the individual, nevertheless, those that are led by feelings rather than knowing the Lord is there, their focus is on the problem, instead of the solution, in Christ.

The duty of a good Christian

The good Christian isn't always led by what he or she feels. Without suppressing our feelings, but let us react by what we know, for we know, the Lord loves us, and He can meet all our needs. Therefore, be not always led by what you feel. Shall we wait to feel joy for the fullness of life before we say thank you Lord? On the contrary, be not anxious, but in all things, give thanks to the Lord, therein we praise.

The life of praise

Praise is more than a shout of Hallelujah, for true praise is a way of life.

Imagine a traveler on a path to a destination, though he sees not all that is ahead of him, but he is being watched by the eyes of the great ones that have gone before him, the great ones are all in his favor. More so, the eyes of the One in charge of this path, He is greater than the great ones, for He has led them all through, and now He is always watching the lone traveler every step along the way, while formatting plans to keep him on the right path, to lead him safely home.

The decreed from the Great One, is nothing shall harm the traveler, though there be obstacles, but it shall only be a diversion. For every step the traveler takes, a possession of value adds to his account at the end of the path, but he must complete the journey to obtain.

Today, the believer is the lone traveler, the path, is life. The great ones are the Patriarchs of the Bible, they were human in strength and weakness like we are, but they all made it, let us know this. Though the Nazarite of great strength called Samson, lost his sight, but deep within, he knew and remembers his Lord, his God. Without the feeling of confusion for all that he could not see, Samson knew to call upon the Lord, in his words, through the consequence of faith.

Though Samson could not see what was round about him, or ahead of him, like the lone traveler we are, for the loss of his sight, but by faith, he called to the Lord. Lord GOD, remember me, I pray Thee, and strengthen me, I pray. Judges 16:28.

For in his feelings, he was led to the path of desolation, wherewith he lost his sight, but by praise and faith, Samson accomplished more than he did when he did see. Now, Samson is one of our many witnesses, with his sight restored in Heaven, watching as a delegate watches the contenders of his country in the stand of the Olympic games. If we know these things, regardless of the obstacles and distractions in our path, yet we press forward, for great is our rewards.

The absence of praise, but the hope to regain.

However, without praise, true faith to overcome is absent. With praise, the obstacles on our path become, but a shadow. Though it is real, but its shadow cannot harm us, thus, David, another Patriarch and our witness, said; Yes, I walk through the valley of the “shadow” of death, but I will fear no evil, for my Lord is with me. David, during his walk, on many Occasions faces death, but greater were his praises to God, therefore, the many detractions of life became but a shadow. A shadow is the representation of that which is real, but by faith, the substance is bound, and its shadow cannot harm us, but praise must establish faith, faith in the Lord, so to God be all the praise, and glory.

Though we are feeble at times, but the lips that praises, see less of its problems and more of God’s ability. The heart of praise is as a portal, a portal is a grand entrance, in our case, it is an impressive entrance to the throne of God. The opposite, or the lack of praise will cause a blockage to the pathway between the believer and God, but praise opens up the portal to our being. As the natural heart moves the substance of life to our body, our heart of praise gives liberty to the moving and the working of the Holy Spirit of God within us. Where there was once fear, there is now a certainty. Thus, with the heart, the lips sing, I have nothing, but praise for you Lord, O, nothing, but praise for you Lord.

The Heart of Praise

The Heart of Praise

The seed of love is the tree of life. When the toils of this world weigh on me, I will not crumble and bow, but I will conform with the heart of praise, from where freedom reigns, glory ascends, and assurance abounds from my Father on high.

Let us put on the garment of praise. Without praise the believer is as a naked individual, wherewith, their focus is no longer on God, the focus is on the shame of the nakedness. Therein, we move not forward for our reward, but we stumble and hide. May we continue to move forward with praise for the establishment of not what we feel, but that which we know. Our God is able.

Psalms 7:17

I will praise the LORD according to His righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high.

So, will I sing praise unto Your name forever, that I may daily perform my vows. Psalms 61:8

Note the phrase; that I may daily perform my vows, meaning, while I live, I shall do.

For praise is not an occasional event, but a way of life. Wherewith we are empowered to perform our vows, but without praise, we cannot do that which we ought to do. With praise comes understanding, with understanding comes faith, with faith in the Lord, we see beyond the natural, into the spiritual and the future, there we have our Anchor. Though the storm on this side of life may rage, but our anchor is beyond the present, thus, it holds. In my feebleness, what do I have? Nothing in my will, but all I have, is all I need, praise for you Lord.

Study Reference

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For word study on the topic of praise, go to the the exposition "Praise"



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Dec 03, 2020

Amen to that again.🙏🏻


Dec 07, 2019

Now we need Samson in names section of the site


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Susan B
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Love it, "while I live, I shall do"


and I hope not only today but always 🙏🏻

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