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Navigating the Paradox of Focus and Distraction in Modern Society.

Laser Focus vs. Torch Chaos: Finding Your Path in a Flickering World

Unleash the Laser Within: Breaking Free from the Swaying Torch Mob

Often, the words “distraction” or “distracted” bring to mind an individual who is unable to concentrate. This presumption is accurate. However, those who are distracted do not have vacant minds. For a person to be distracted, there must be a focus that the mind is transfixed upon.

Distraction is more than just a vacant mind. When attention is drawn to something to the extent that other things are not seen, this is a distraction. So, are we all distracted even when we are focused? If you are focused, you must first distract yourself from other things. Your attention is geared towards one thing, while not seeing the other.

However, there is a difference between a person being focused and a person being distracted. Consider a laser beam and a burning torch. Both are sources of light. However, a laser beam is narrow in its approach. It goes in a straight, unwavering direction and does not deviate from its path. Wherever it is pointed, it stays on its destination. It does not draw attention to its surroundings; it remains stable in its engagement.

On the other hand, a burning torch attempts to illuminate everywhere at once, but without a steady impact. If we were to liken these two examples, the laser and the torch, to focus and distraction, it is clear that one is focused, and the other is distracted.

This is evident in the two types of people in society. There are those who try to see everything at once, and as a result, they do not see clearly at all. Without a precise destination, they become constantly distracted by everything in the partial light of a torch. Their minds are not vacant, but they are filled with mere shadows, representations of substance, but intangible. Their torches are like their state of mind, casting more shadows than illuminating their paths. In this case, their perception of society. As a result, they are fully distracted, swaying from one fad to another, day by day.

Meanwhile, a laser beam does not draw attention to the scene, unlike the torch. It stays focused, and undistracted. Such are the individuals in society who do not conform to the constant changes of society every other day. Even though they do not reject change, but what is change if it doesn’t transform the individual calling for the change, but only serves as an imposed burden on others? Therefore, true focus does not waver in its course; it remains fixed.

Many years ago, a man and a woman, different in their appearance, outwardly and biologically from within, came into a union through their bond. The end result was me. Through the progression of time, the woman I perceive as my mother, and the man as my father. Countless others have experienced the same. Even you, this is the truth. Truth is available, but it seeks no man or woman. Instead, the man or woman must find the truth, and then the truth will become one with the individual, while maintaining their individuality.

On the contrary, the opposite of truth does not abide in individualism. Instead, it is fueled by collectivism. Like a burning torch, its effects are seen everywhere, drawing the masses to a degree of light which consists of more shades and shadows than actual light. As its light flickers and dances, so do those in the crowd of its shadows through their stands and points of view. They are ever-changing and ever-flickering.

Where there is a shade and a shadow, a substance could be present, yet its true definition remains undefined. And today, the definition of who we are as a society remains undefined for the most part. It is cast in shadows and shades. Consequently, the wheel on which society ought to run, through the representation of the man and the woman, is coming to a halt. It can no longer be defined by the large crowd holding the torch.

Is this a snare and a passed of judgment upon certain groups? Belittling one against the other, the crowd with the burning torch and the individuals with the laser beam? Judgment is passed only by He Who is perfect, and neither the individual with the laser perspective, nor the crowd with the flickering torch and flickering emotions, has perfection. Nevertheless, within all is the ability to reflect, compare, and reason.

The crowd with their torch is likely to accuse the one with the laser beam as narrow-minded, reflecting the path of the laser. However, walking a narrow path doesn’t mean having a narrow mind. One only changes their mind constantly if they are uncertain of their path, but like a laser, it is sure of its point of destination. So, the need for a change is needless.

On the other hand, how often has the crowd with the torch changed their perspective? One day they cannot define what a woman is, for their perception is that there is no difference between a man and a woman. But on another day, the same proclaims the woman’s choice to her body. If she has a choice to her body as a woman, then she is a woman.

If the mind tried to see all at once, it would see nothing at all. Therein, the moral compass is no longer from an inner conscience, but a collective directive.

How do you know which you are? The laser holder or the torch gatherer? If you read this and you are shaking with anger and you are bothered, you’ve validated the point of this narrative. You are distracted. And your next step will be to slander the source or unfollow its origin. If you were focused and not distracted, you wouldn’t be bothered.

Like a laser, you would have stayed on your path, but without a focus point, one is easily distracted and swayed by society, and made uncomfortable by a narrative.

Our actions are our choice, but let not the result of your choice be a burden to others.

The Battle Of Equality Is The Absence Of Love

Modern ideology declares, equality is the goal, but it must be achieved through the competition between the man and the woman; the greatness of the woman is not when she competes to be like the man. She is great when she is herself.

Their greatness isn’t achieved through competition, but unity becomes harmony through the understanding of a structure. The man doesn’t protect the woman because she is weak, but when we cherish another, we are willing to defend that which we love. Nor does the woman seek her safety in his bosom because he is superior, but recognizing her importance, she ascertains he must earn it through his willing dedication to her.

The husband and wife who live in faith by trusting in the Lord, the two become one. On the contrary, competition is enacted to validate the acceptance of the one competing.

If love doesn’t validate the acceptability between a man and a woman as husband and wife, competing will never suffice, nor satisfy the harmony of love between the husband and the wife.

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