Distinguishing miracles

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Distinguishing Godly miracles from deceptive miracles and the faithful minds that believe, and those who deny the works of God.

Miracle foremost is, a token of the works of God toward men. At the same time, its ethical manifestation may serve the purpose as a wonders act. However, miracles should not be merely look at as wondrous act. For its purpose is a sign and the indication of the presence of God toward men, and the determination of the outcome of how people live. 

There are many wondrous act day by day in this world. Nevertheless, they do not all serve as a sign. Consequently, a world that does not understand the purpose of miracles will not fully comprehend the work of God. And a world that no longer believes in miracles is a world in darkness because they do not know God.

● As miracles reveal God's wondrous work through His power over creation for a sign to reveal His presence. In this, we see the consistent, ongoing natural order of nature.

● To bless, through His grace, we receive mercy.

● To strengthen and teach. In this, we receive His miraculous wondrous acts toward us. Unexplainable, but we receive and perceive, knowing we are undeserving of His goodness. Nevertheless, greater is His love.

On the contrary to the miracles of God, there are those which are presented as miracles. It bears the name miracle and its effect work wonders and powers, but its purpose is no more than a deceptive imitation of God.

The miracle of God rolls away the unknown to reveal the truth and light. Likewise, the imitation of the working of God's miracle is wrought through Satan to deceive and oppose. Such example would be the opposition faced by Moses, the servant of God. He was used by God to make known God's presence through miracles. Yet, Pharaoh and his magicians stood as an opposition against God to hinder the truth through the deception of their miracles.

Though it served as a miracle, but it did not glorify God. Rather, it opposed Him. Therefore, let us not accept all miracles on the premise of wondrous and power.

Even Satan does work power and wonders by turning a staff into a serpent. So then, let us as believers seek the reason for the miracle and the sign to which it points, the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, let us not always look for wonders and power, but let us seek the Glory of God. Men will ridicule the idea of believing miracles because they are not willing to perceive.

Wherever the knowledge of understanding is absent, the less interest is shown through the spirit of arrogance and pride, by the lack of the understanding of a subject, it is arrogantly repudiated, or cast off due to the lack of knowledge. In addition, the refusal to admit the lack of understanding is due to a proud spirit.

He who believes in miracles is not a simpleton, but rather those that deny miracles are of a limited perception to perceive the wondrous that is before them. A child does not sit to absorb the beauty of the sunset and its wondrous display in the heavens because its mind is not yet developed to understand such scenery. However, an adult with a distinctive mind will show a desire and an appreciation to furthermore carefully appreciate the wonders of the sunset. So then, those that belittle a believer for believing in miracles, in essence the perception of their minds is limited.

Therefore, that which they do not perceive, they disregard. A child will grow into adulthood to perceive, but regrettably the mind of the skeptics remains undeveloped to perceive.

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

(Romans 1:22)




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