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Angels, what are they?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Angels, what are they?

The key to understanding most words is to first know the root of the word. Then the definition followed by the function of the word. In this case, angel. 

The word angel comes from the Greek word anggelos, meaning messenger. The corresponding Hebrew word is malakh equally means messenger. From a broader sense, a human can be a messenger, but in this case of interest the focus is on the created beings with individuality who exist in the spiritual dimension, but are not limited to the physical universe.

The reality of a parallel universe of the unseen (spiritual), and the physical, is far more than a wild imagination. These two coexist, which is far beyond the natural human ability to comprehend. Nevertheless, the lack of understanding is not a validation to dismiss the unknown as a fable.

This we know, angels are far superior than that of men. Yet in the order of creation, man is placed second next to the Godhead above the angels. The position of men above the angels does not grant authority over the angels.

Neither do the superiority of angels in relation to men justify the worshiping of angels.

As man was created so were the angelic host. He who is the Creator, through Him all things must be given and from Him all expectancy is delivered, Him alone through supplications.

These beings witnessed the creation of the physical world as we know it. That is to say, their realm did exist before ours came into being. Virtually all things that have transpired in this world is first carried out in the unseen world, the spirit world is the driving force behind the physical world.

Illustratively speaking now, we are in a physical body, but the acts of the physical body are first enacted within our being, which is the spirit of man. Though we touch with our hands, but we feel from within before the hands physically translate the deeds of the soul. 

We move by our actions, but the physical body is only as a vehicle enacting the will of the mind, which is within and unseen. Like the spirit world in relation to the physical world, as stated; the spirit world is the driving force behind the physical world. Although not all things are of a direct angelic control. Wherever these beings are, the effect is by far greater than that of a typical human, for good or bad. 

For the good, the task of righteous angels carrying out the will of God on earth through good deeds as a messenger and protector. 

On the contrary, for the bad, fallen angels and their territorial obsession, keeping men in captive through the occult for the lack of understanding, people perish. 

One may ask, if these superior beings of the spirit realm do have an enormous effect in our physical world, why aren’t they seen like men are?

To further understand the answer to the question is to understand the nature of these beings. Unlike men with egos, righteous angels are defined by their destination, meaning that which they are called to do, it is what they do. Without distraction, they attend to the task that is at hand and that only. Their appearance is in part based on the time of their visit and the place of their visit. For where on earth could humanity withstand a being fully in its true appearance and glory that have been in existence for eons? Imagine the contradiction of looks between them and us and their abilities.

Therefore, it is fair to say they take on the form of the time of their visit and the people to whom they are sent that their work may be carried out without bringing attention to themselves. Remember they are for the most part messengers. A good messenger placed the call of the message over his will.

Whereas fallen angels, of whom their allegiance is to the evil one, concealed their identity for their deeds are evil, lest men know who they truly are. They present themselves to be gods to lead men astray for their vain glory. 

What we now know is only a glimpse of the wonders unknown to us, but what we have learned is an evidence that there is a spiritual universe that exists alongside our universe which we barely know.

Where wisdom is earned, wisdom must be sincerely pursued, lest there arise speculation and misunderstanding, which are the reversals of learning.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

(Hebrews 13:2 KJV)

Beyond all, God is the ultimate ruler of all, the invisible and the visible. 



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Feb 23, 2018

This passage is enlighten for the modern church.. "The position of men above the angels does not grant authority over the angels. Neither do the superiority of angels in relation to men justify the worshiping of angels."

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