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'Tis Was The Day Before Christmas

In the heart of a winter wonderland, families and neighbors gather in the fold. At the center of their assembly is an open fire, unquenched by the snow. Like the joy in their hearts for the Christmas, so is the fire which does not falter. It burns unwavering with its bright amber glow. Casting its warmth and reflecting on the faces of them all, their sizes and colors vary as they glow. The elders, the children, and those in-between, all under God’s beautiful sky from above. The sky, with its sailing puffy clouds, drifting like a soft blanket being rolled out by the thoughtful hands of a caring heart.

Amidst the four homes stand the four Christmas trees. Tall and beautiful, they bloom. Their evergreen neither fades nor withers with time, much like Christ the Savior, born on the day they all so cherish. These four evergreen trees symbolize a message of universal hope, reaching across all boundaries, from the North to the South, and from the East to the West. So too is the joy of Christmas felt everywhere.

In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, they all unite, their joyous spirits knitting together in a tapestry of warmth and love amidst the snow. The innocent laughter of the children, pure and melodious, weaves through the air, blending seamlessly with the rich intoxicating scents of Christmas. The earthy aroma of chestnuts, roasting on an open fire, wafts through the crisp winter air. Tantalizing the senses with caramelized sweet delight.

The fire, the heart of their gathering, crackles with life. Each ember bursts with a vibrant palette of oranges and reds, casting a lively glow that dances upon their faces. The flames leap and twirl, performing a mesmerizing ballet, their shadows pirouetting on the surroundings. The fire’s crackling symphony, a rhythmic sizzle, and pop, resonates through the open air. It’s a harmonious melody, a primal song of heat and light that mingles with the chorus of their voices. This symphony of sound, the fire’s crackling tune intertwined with their laughter and conversation, creates a musical harmony that is the very essence of their Christmas gathering. It’s a moment suspended in time, a memory painted with the vivid hues of love, warmth, and shared joy.

In the midst of the beautiful ambience, is Frosty, with its welcoming arms spread open wide. Surrounded by young minds exploring the wonders of the season and the joy of it all.

As the day unfolds, they all gather, in love and grace. The grandparents sharing the joy of their grandbabies, as they instilled the essence of life and living. The mothers, the unsung heroes, linger in joyful silence, their hearts swelling with pride and compassion. The fathers, like a silent pillar of strength, ever-attending to their duties, stand tall.

As the angels once sang of Christ's birth on a holy night, in Bethlehem, many years ago. Now, the children of today mimic those majestic beings. Lying on their backs, they look to the heavens and create snow angels in their humble understanding.

The cherished toys of days-gone are tenderly set aside, their familiar forms resting in the bed of sinking snow. With the dawn of Christmas looming, comes the promise of new gifts, waiting to be unwrapped on the joyous morn they all so cherish.

From the smallest of God’s creation, even so they all gather in love and grace. The squirrel in its hop, stands to observe and basks in the glow of the burning coal. The little chickadee birds gather together savoring the aroma and the delights for the preparation of the long winter nights. Actively remains the great red northern cardinal birds, adding a splash of vibrant color to the pure white scene of Christmas joy.  

Marshmallows are shared and indulged, their fluffiness mirroring the drifting clouds above. As they melt down the savory path of taste buds, happy expressions light up the faces of them all. The cakes and their layers of sweets are seen, reflecting the hearts of the gathering with layers of joy. The chocolate, a rich tapestry of deep mahogany. And the cream, pure and pristine as freshly fallen snow. They are united, harmonious blend of flavors and personalities, each adding their own essence to the mix, as they blessed the Father God heart from above.

The glow of the lights within the homes reflects the joy shared without.

The trees in the distance are bare, stripped of their rich green canopy for the coming of winter. Though their leaves are gone, the trees remind us that true riches not only lie in what we see, but in the heart that is anchored in the right place. True riches are not always those things that are visible. The heart is the source of true wealth, provided it is firmly grounded in the right place. Like these bare trees of winter, their roots remain deep and sure below, a guarantee for life and living.

The pups attentively admire their human companions, as the companions gloried in the ambience of Christmas joy. The fawn wanders in the midst of this all, soon realizing it is welcomed into the fold.

As the reindeers of legend roam freely to and fro, the mailman appears with his arms full. Embodying the joy of the giving on Christmas, as Christ once gave Himself for all, so long ago.

The grandmothers, the mothers of the mothers, with smiles shared their tales of wit, as the young listened with joy, as they are amazed. Different they all are in their genes, but wonderfully made by God in His love. As their flag proudly waved, its voice softly whispered in the cool of the breeze; “Together, with our red blood, we are one, in the image of God. In the purity of the white stripes of our souls, may our deeds be as a dove, flying like the multitude of white shining stars in the vast blue of the sky and beyond.”

Through the coming together of a family, like Mary and Joseph did so long ago in that humble manger. Today, we remember the humble scene of the nativity where Christ the Savior was born. The inspired writers of old penned these sacred narratives. And today, an artist with humble skills brings the blessed joy of the tales of Christmas, to all.  

‘Tis was the day before Christmas by PSW

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I'm just new seeing this. WOW amazing.

Cloud Weeks
Cloud Weeks
Mar 05
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I just checked and I didn't see it either. Btw @marty you have been MIA

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