The Plan, initiating actions.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

If the motion of life was as a time, on the clock, the second-hand would be the driving force that moves life.

On the clock, the second hand is the driving force which moves time. Though its calculation is but a second, presumably a second is less than 50 minutes, and an hour. Nevertheless, without the motion of a second, 50 times, there won’t be a minute. Without the accumulation of minutes, there won’t be an hour. Without which, the day is stalled and progression ceases. So, if life was as a time, the little things in life, when accumulated in order and the right way, there will be a harmonious progression.

Little is enough when God is an intricate part of it. However, for many Christians, the inclusion of God in their lives is only a realization at a peak in life, or at life’s lowest point. Anything in between, the presence of God and His guidance are unthought of. In other words, the mind is God conscience, but the will is self-driven. Consequently, decisions are made without the Lord, and His plans are unfollowed, through the means of self-will.

For the most part, the exclusion of God from the day to day activities in a life of the believer, isn’t due to an animosity toward Him. However, the individual feels the decision they make is common, the average ordinary decision. Therefore, there isn’t a need to pray about it, or really seek the will of God, so their will is imposed.

Though it be an insignificant decision, but like the second-hand on a clock, every second adds up to a minute, and a minute into an hour, and the hours turn into days, ultimately an entire life.

At which point, the many little decisions that were made without God, it eventually accumulates into life’s burden. Therewith, at life’s lowest point, the individual wonders why, or blame God and others. For the little decisions that emerge as a burden to bear.

If it took one wrong insignificant decision at a time, to accumulate into a mass of burden to bear, and life’s misery. It would also take one little right decision at the time, to make things right. Though the mind is incapable of undoing the past, but the doing of the right thing now, is departing from the old ways of self-will to a new path of trusting in the Lord, while seeking Him for every decision.

The longer we walk on this new path, the further the path of failure is left behind, and its memories. As time goes from a second to a minute and minutes to an hour, and hours turn into days, may the heart of the believing Christian be as a ticking clock, harmoniously seeking the Lord. One little thing at a time.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

(Proverbs 3:5-6)



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