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The greatness of God is beyond everything and definitely whatsoever you are going through.

Let us look at John chapter 1 verse three. (John 1:3) For an insight to the phrase “all things.”


Insight to your body through your mood and actions.

He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me: for there were many with me. Psalms 55:18

Many were your problems, although a few might still be with you. But this day, in the quiet of your heart, try to reflect on where you once were. Your emotions, your struggles, and conflicts. Reflect on those things you have overcome.

And let it be of gladness to you.

Understand this, the Scripture said your body is a temple. This implies more than we realize, as a temple. There are duties and functions that ought to be carried out, and there are those that are responsible for the accomplishing of those things. Likewise, within you, your body which is a temple; there are over 37 trillion cells, and more are being produced at any given time. These cells…



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