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The greatness of God is beyond everything and definitely whatsoever you are going through.

Let us look at John chapter 1 verse three. (John 1:3) For an insight to the phrase “all things.”

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

Upon first glance of the passage above, even with our focus on the phrase “all things,” we perceive it as a whole.

However, the word describing the phrase “all things” carries a far insightful meaning. It speaks not of a whole at once, rather all things as in an infinite detail. This is the Greek word, pas – meaning each, every, each part and parts. Every item of creation, one by one.

Now, speaking to you as an artist, if I paint a field of grass, you see a representation of a grass, usually green. This is done by the technique of a broad stroke and dabbing to project the field of grass as a whole.

But with the Lord, the field of grass, every blade of grass, each individual root forming the roots system. The rhizome – the underground system from which roots shoot from its nodes.

The rhizome also retains its ability since creation to allow new roots to grow upwards into a new grass shoot known as a tiller. All of these were made individually, compared to an artist’s brush stroke which merely project the representation of a whole. But with the Lord, He made all things individually, the same beyond the fields, the flying creatures above. Their very ability to sore upon the unseen wind. The Lord created their skeletal system, a hollow bone. The hollow bones make the bird lighter, and beyond that, the lungs of the bird through its air sacs uniquely extend into the bone, forming into hollow compartments within the bone. This is known as pneumatization. That is to say they are full of spaces for air. Allowing the creature to maintain its flight for a long time without falling from the sky. Then, there’s the outside details of the animal, each individual feather, the length, the size of the feather is precise with the size of the bird.

The feather does not overgrow the bird, nor does the bird overgrow its feathers. Then there is the color of the bird through its feathers. This is known as the plumage coloration. The colors seen on a bird are from two pigments, melanins and carotenoids.

The melanin produces a range of black, grey, brown, and orange colors.

Whereas the carotenoids, specialized for brighter colors and hues.

Imagine myriads of creation, those we haven’t yet even seen, the flora, the animals beyond our sights into the depth of the earth and bottom of the oceans. Or those that are in our presence but chose not to be seen.

The intricate details, the same applies to all of God’s creation. Each, every part, and parts. The emphasis of a total picture is one piece at a time.

Let not your unfavorable circumstances become an obstacle in your path to a greater understanding of the power and the love of God. For such things of such great intricate details that are made, must be made because of love.

Let us be as children, learning of the wondrous power of the Lord. Seeing more of His greatness and less of our problems of which He can make right.

For we are children and heirs of God.



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