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The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

Exodus 14:14

To hear, at times it is only a consideration towards an action on our part. That is to say, hearing things doesn’t mean it is accepted. But for the learning heart, the individual who hears, let them hear that they may learn. For learning is built upon the applying of those things we have heard in our life and living.

The verse of Exodus 14:14 above, is a situation wherewith the individuals or individual finds themselves in a circumstance of hopelessness due to the fear of the past which is now resurfacing before the individual. In such cases, bewildered becomes the mind. Heighten are the senses, in seeing the individual see things, but for the worse. In hearing, the individual only hears doom and despair. In feeling, when all is numb, the ability to reason becomes suppressed. Without control, peacefulness is absent and chaos reigns.

Such was the state of affairs of the Israelites leaving behind their past conditions as slaves. Although they were now free, but the past of fear once again resurfaced. That which taunted them, now haunted them.

How often comparably is the condition of the believer today? He or she knows their struggles, but there are good days and life’s experience of the believer. However, when the past of fear resurfaces in the believer’s present, even the loving mind of that individual at times becomes a place of chaos. This is the battle of the mind. Wherein the senses are heightened, but they see only the fear and the wrong, and hear only the roaring of confusion. Fighting a battle that cannot be won, therefore weary becomes the individual.

If your condition seems to persist, also know that the Word of the Lord is unchangeable to you. This day, the words to you is the LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

The hearing of these words cannot change your situation, but as previously mentioned the applying of the words will be the foundation for a change. However, before the application comes learning.

These words to us are a promise and instructions, so before the possession of the promise of peace and victory in your life, let us take to mind the instructions.

The verse reads: The LORD shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.

Firstly, the phrase “hold your peace” in its original reading in the Hebrew language implies a sharp command, be quiet.

Too often the individual who is faced with chaos or a condition of fear, their speech is but complaining and their words are of doom and gloom. Therefore, before the Lord fights for you, be quiet. When we are quiet and refrain from complaining and murmuring, we learn to see less of the fear and hear beyond the storm of life. Though the storm is now around you, but beyond its borders somewhere there is calmness. Be not quick to speak negatively in your life, but in your silence learn to quietly depend on the Lord. Remember, if you are immersed in the storm, destroying the storm will instantly destroy you as well. Consequently, the promise is the Lord will fight for you. The word fight used in the verse is the word “Lacham.” Which also implies to consume with the guarantee to prevail.

Let the Lord consume the raging storm around you but be silent from your own noise and eruption that you may be aware, when the storm is gone. The Lord will prevail for you. Now, you hold your peace.



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