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Updates on the Art Gallery:

If you checked the bulletin earlier, you would know that the Gallery’s extensions are now working (Reels & more). There is still more work that I need to figure out. Nevertheless, it is working, and at last, I was able to go live in real-time, not just in audio like we attempted some time ago. This time it was a full live stream; I was able to see the video stream of myself live on my phone while I was recording.

This is great. Next, I will try going live from my phone as well. However, as the viewer, you can watch from your phone or desktop regardless of whether I’m streaming from desktop or mobile.

Controls and navigation are simple and straightforward. However, to get more out of it, such as searching for videos by keywords and searching for previously recorded live streams, you will have to be on a desktop to do that.

If you enter while live is on, the live video stream will be seen on your screen. There’s no need to obtain a link or download an app.

For now, there isn’t a lot of content. Although I did a few live streams as previously mentioned, I removed them from the page until after the 28th, a day dear to me.

There is also a surprise on the page below the video player. This will be updated often.

God bless you all.

Grace Nightingale


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