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Genesis 6:11

The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

  • Violence

The word violence used here, in the Hebrew language חָמָס

In English this is the same word, those who enacted the horror upon Israel, called themselves. (Hamas)

The verse itself speaks of a time evil was on the rise at its peak. However, the Lord had a plan. (For all things are before Him). Hence, we read "The earth was corrupt before Him."

Nevertheless, deliverance was coming, but alone with deliverance came judgement. What came to be known as the Flood. Doing the days of Noah.

Furthermore, Jesus talking about His second return with deliverance and judgement, He likens it to the days of Noah.

"It shall be like in the days of Noah"

Noah was just one individual, today you as a believer, wherever you are, be a Noah to those around you. Be not ashamed of the Gospel. And make sure your family and neighbors are ready.

Noah did not force anyone, and neither should you. But be a witness and work until the last day.

N’Tasha Rivera


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