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Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe: and I will have respect unto thy statutes continually.

Psalms 119:117

In our own ways, we shall go as we please, but become weary if we are not supported by the Lord, continually.


The phrase “Hold me up” speaks of the refreshment that comes after an establishment.

Often, when the mind is not established. Consequently, it wanders, and the individual is drained. Which is the absence of being refreshed. However, here is a hope: We read, “I shall be safe.” This speaks of the awareness of that which is right, in its absence.

At times, the individual who is drained, they know that they are. Therein, may their call be as such, “I shall be safe.” The idea here is from the Hebrew word, yâsha. Which implies the act of being rescued, saved (Salvation) or delivered. The use of the word yâsha is synonymous with God's salvation of the Israelites from Egypt, while also referring to the present and that which is to come, through the Lord Jesus Christ and His power to save and restored.

The account of the Israelites in Egypt is that of a joyous beginning, but through the progression of time, they found themselves isolated and eventually in bondage. Such is the soul without refreshment. Away from where they ought to be, in the Egypt of their making. Most bondages begin with pleasure for a moment, but soon the individual is trapped.

If we find ourselves unestablished in our present state of mind, may we seek from above. Like the psalmist, we cried out; Hold thou me up, Lord, and I shall be safe.

Concerning this, C.H. Spurgeon wrote, “We are saved by past grace, but we are not safe unless we receive present grace.”

To this we concur. The idea of the phrase “present grace” Alludes to the fact that a believer who loves the Lord, they can find themselves without refreshment, unestablished and drained. Consequently, when you were saved in the past, you must learn to be saved daily in the present.

This does not imply going through the process of salvation. Instead, with the renewal of your mind daily.

For an example, when was the last time you obtained your very first cellphone? For many, as to the present, it was over 15 years ago. Are you still using the same device operating the same software? The answer is obviously no. The devices with which you communicate with, they are upgrade and updated regularly. How about your mind? From which comes all of your actions.

If the mind was a software needing an upgrade, the source is the Word of God. Thus, we read from the verse above, “I will have respect unto Thy statutes continually.”

Observe, the conclusion is the word “continually.” Preceding that, is the phrase, “I will have respect unto Thy statutes.” The idea here is not only to respect the statues of the Lord through His words, the Bible. But also it implies to gaze, to gaze for help. This is the word “shâ‛âh.”

Where are you in your present state?

What are those things you are looking at?

What change has it been unto you for the better?

Now, it is time to gaze and look to the Lord for help through His words, continually.

N’Tasha Rivera


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