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Who are you? Do you truly know yourself? You know your name, but it was given to you by someone else, not of your own choosing. So, who are you really? You have your own thoughts, but can you control them? Are you truly in control?

Pause and look at the time on your wristwatch or device. Do you see the time? Say it out loud. Then, consider your surroundings, whether you’re at home or somewhere else. Look at the time again and pause.

Can you confidently say that you control what will happen around you an hour from now? So, are you really in control as you think you are?

Being aware of the time doesn’t mean you control your destiny. If you’re not in the driver’s seat of life, do you even know where you’re headed? Even now, you can’t hold a perfect thought to ponder this question. Your thoughts are supposed to be private and personal to you, aren’t they? You’re not sharing them with anyone else, yet you don’t have control over them.

How can you address your negative feelings or problems if you can’t control your thoughts for even a short period of time? Can you maintain your sanity in the long run? Who are you, other than what society tells you to be?

This excerpt is taken from the article I’ve written, “The Case for a Change to Save You from Yourself.”


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