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Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. The greatness of the Word of God is its integrity, by which it is without error nor deception. If contradictions arise, it is the reader’s lack of perception. So then, let it be an opportunity to gain a better insight.

The passages below are some of that which we avert, for the lack of understanding, but with a willing mind, they shall be made known. 

Appreciating the Present for Deeper Understanding


A Call for Mindful Movement Beyond the Emotional Maze

At times, it is not essential to gaze far into the distance and comprehend everything at once. Instead, it is more meaningful to appreciate what is immediately before our eyes and to cherish the present moment. This approach allows for a deeper understanding, a discernment that speaks to the mind rather than just the heart. It calls for reasoning, rather than overthinking, as the heart can become a whirlpool controlled by emotions.

Shall we then forsake emotions and live without feelings? No, but what good is an emotion if it only serves as a downward spiral to one’s mental state? An individual can become trapped in a myriad of unanswered questions and thoughts, isolated from their physical surroundings and their interactions with others. Others who care about them, but when emotion replaces reason, the need to see the good in others is replaced by a focus on self.

A self on the verge of collapse is a self that cannot be pleased. It sees torment in simple things, rather than seeing beauty in the progression of things. However, as the heart is pruned to emotional sentiments, so is the mind in the same individual. On the contrary, the mind is capable of reasoning rather than constantly reverting to the emotions of the heart.

When one learns to reason in a given situation, instead of succumbing to a whirlpool of emotions, this is progress. True progress is marked by improvement. The term “progress” originated from the Latin word “progressus,” signifying advancement or improvement. Embodying the essence of transitioning from one state to another, ideally for the better.

Let’s strive to transition from our current emotional state by improving our reactions to experiences. From reacting emotionally to reasoning for change.

Remember, when we reason, we consider others.

When we react based on emotions, our feelings are primarily self-centered.

As humans, we are threefold beings - body, soul, and spirit. These three distinct entities work together, just like our emotions and our capacity to reason. If we take accountability.

Reasoning Beyond Overthinking: A New Perspective. Appreciating the Present for Deeper Understanding

Sometimes, it’s not necessary to understand everything at once. Instead, it’s more rewarding to appreciate what’s right in front of us and cherish the present moment. This approach fosters a deeper understanding that resonates with the mind, not just the heart. It encourages reasoning over overthinking, as emotions can often cloud our judgement.

  • The heart, often seen as the cradle of emotions, can lead us into a whirlpool of feelings, sometimes causing us to lose sight of our surroundings and the people who care about us. On the other hand:

  • The mind, associated with rationality and logic, offers a pathway to reason, allowing us to navigate through emotional turbulence and make progress. By transitioning from emotional reactions to reasoned responses, we can achieve personal growth and improved mental health. This balance between the heart and mind is the essence of ‘Reasoning Beyond Overthinking’.


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