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Due to availability, and the publishing process, please note that all orders for this book will be processed a week after Christmas.



Also available in softcover

5×8 in


As we light up our trees at Christmas, may it illuminate the conscience through our awareness of the recollection of Christmas and the reason for Christmas. Which is Christ our Lord. Before us are the tree, the gifts, the beauty of the decorations and the lights, but the true light is that which burns in us for the desire for the truth for the contentment of life. The luxury opportunity we enjoy isn't available to all. But the light which burns in the soul is mutual. If the heart is willing to be led, then the light of the soul shall be ignited by the Creator of the soul.

Therein, wherever life shall take the individual, their light within shall be of an illumination. Seeing what others cannot see, and being content where others are troubled and without peace.
Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Hereinafter through the short stories we will experience the power of the light within the human soul which has been ignited by God. Its determination outlasts opposition and endures adversity, and with the ability to reason when there is uncertainty. For such light within has been set ablaze by the Father who is in heaven. Though men walk this earth in perilous times, but the source of their light remains, for it is untouchable in the presence of the Father in heaven.

CHRISTMAS STORIES and The History Of Christmas

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