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A follow up from the Bulletin's update on Thursday, June 22.

Short story illustration by PSW. P. S. Wilmot A walking New man
Little Reva

Some of you saw the other painting I am working on which has a pink bird like a honeybee.

This painting is going to be a Narrative Poem (Basically a short story)

You will love it, feasting on the details and their connection one to another as you read along.

I can't give all the info now, nor the introduction. However, randomly from the painting is a little girl playing with her pets and watching her brother who found a rare egg. Out came something grand and spectacular, never seen before. She too has one of these eggs, and does not know what it might bring forth. Let us read a teaser.

Little Reva

(One of eight human Characters in the painting)

For now, until her egg and its revelation be made known, though unknown but until this unique egg hatches, Little Reva watches. Reva the redhead, born Eva, watches from a distance in the companion comfort of her silver Panda. As her brother JJ Waters, dips and paddles the ever-blue waters with DiGripey, the white fur Sauros. The fascination of these rare creatures was made known to JJ by his father. In the aftermath of the finding of the rare emerald, green glowing egg. The egg was known to this world, from the appearance of the unruffled creature, known as the Apo Nero. Firstly, seen bringing joy to the discoverer was its big blue eyes with the white rubber-like skin. For many generations, the Apo Nero appearance has been that of a mystery, but a great joy when it is spotted. Sitting quietly, invariably with its marble end tail in a body of water. At the size of a palm of a hand, the Apo Nero fixedly holds its position. The mystery consists not only of its unknown appearance, but of such a size with an unchanged look, yet the Apo Nero brings forth creatures unseen through its rare eggs. As though, creation lies within this special creature. Throughout its sightings, the Apo Nero eggs never repeat the surprise which comes from the egg it leaves behind, having disappeared once the egg is hatched. But one must take the egg and keep it with them at all times. The glowing green color gradually turns to the appearance of a smoky white opaque from within, the sign that the great revelation of the unknown is about to be made known through the introduction of a new life never before seen.

Privileged was JJ Waters in spotting the Apo Nero and eventually its egg. Through the process of time, with the hatching of the egg, JJ couldn’t be more pleased.

This is rare, JJ Waters, do you know son, its kind grows almost without any limit? Woah Dad, really? Then we shall find the biggest valley and there DiGripey and I will roam the deepest wildest valley till the posture of his maw is seen from this location and all the lands! True son, but the uniqueness of these particular animals is that the special ones who hatch the egg, and ride the sauros, will adapt to your size. It cannot outgrow you, son. Well Dad, we cannot out do the fun in store for us!

And so it was, on the beautiful land of the white clouds went JJ and DiGripey to and fro even in the Ever-Blue Waters. As a member of his new family, came DiGripey's new curiosity round and about them. Fond was his watching of Chassis the courier, hauling and docking in something different from beyond the untouched lands unto the shores, and for this day, softly standing on the back of Chassis was an Ardor who would come to be known as Roo to the family.

The Ardor was said to be from the origin of a place known as the place of the caves. Unique to their biological imprint is a given ability, in the presence of another lifeform, the Ardor provides the befitting accommodation to others. If the body senses cold, the Ardo provides the adjustment for warmth even without physical contact. In a warm location, the Ardo becomes like a fluffy bundle of cool breeze to its company.

N’Tasha Rivera
Jun 25, 2023

I see something massive at the back of her too? 👀 Another beautiful piece. And that ball thing would make a awesome pillow ☺️



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