Jun 24

Unity in Prayer.




We could say that all Christians have a time of prayer and communication with God, at some time of the day or situation that we face.


But what is the purpose of prayer: it can be said in the light of the Bible to unite with God, to have communion and a friendship with God, that God answers our requests, these are two main reasons, but there are more ...


We are at a time when we prefer to show others that we have a prayer for a brother in Christ, a family member, or simply someone who is willing to pray for you without any interest.


Can we be without strength, without encouragement to continue, with extreme situations on the verge of suicide, or point of committing sin in God's future, situations for the future? Help, to obtain the goals in God.


Matthew 18: 19-20.! If two were in agreement, in unity in one mind!

The enemy is the one who is not interested in the unity among his people, among the children of God, he does not want us to unite to resist the trials, the temptations and to pass the desert or simply to obtain supernatural victories in your life, for the glory of God.


We prefer to drown in our anguish, our problems and tribulations alone, even if we are Christians and have brothers in the faith.


Jesus in the chapter of Matthew 6: 5-15, taught us a model of prayer, but there is a verse that stands out and attracts attention. The Lord said in plural "AND DO NOT TARGET US IN TEMPTATION, BREAK US FROM EVIL".


The prayer apart from joining God, also its purpose is to unite with the congregation, with the brother, with the husband, the wife, the friend, even in the work area, this goes beyond what we understand, Amos 3 :3. Can two walk together, except they be agreed?,


Psalm 133: 1, Look how good and how delicious it is to live the brothers together in harmony, spiritual harmony that is what God is most interested in, because through that spiritual unity, the other areas will take the form, the model of God as Jesus did (Father-son-Holy Spirit), Jesus always demonstrated unity, from the first moment he began his work to the cross, I look for who could be a support, help a consolation in the midst of the whole crowd.


We see the story of Moses, Aaron and Hur, in the war against Amalek Exodus 17: 8-16, God gave a powerful victory, example of unity, of God's support in the unity of one mind in the Spirit.

Moses had his hands tired could not with his hands, it is impossible to have our hands raised for a long time without a help or support to sustain them is what God wanted to show us our burdens can never be carried alone because if we are lacking in Faith, someone who is exercised in prayer and faith will help you in an effective and spiritual way without any doubt.


We should not doubt when we have any situation, small or big to pray for one another, in Mark 14: 32:42, Jesus asked his disciples to watch and pray with him. Why he knew what he would face, we see here that he said he needs the help of his brothers and friends at that moment. In the midst of the pain, of the anguish and suffering that came to his life, he knew his weaknesses in his flesh, his humanity.


One of the ways that we can help each other as brothers is in Prayer, in unity, in the same spirit, let's not doubt when we need a friend, a brother that we can support in Prayer, that can feel in his heart the same feeling in prayer before the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Glory to God for his ways.

Amen, and that assembling is larger than ever, throug the ease of reaching many people than ever before.

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