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Calmness for a change

Miscellaneous Writings
Calmness for uncomfortableness, for a change.  

The awareness of that which is an inconvenience to us, will serve two outcomes.   

To the burden of difficulties without hope, the reason for a change is absent, but when we are aware of the inconvenience of life, or the situation wherewith, we find ourselves, may it be a reminder that we were once without the problem. Therefore, we can once again be free of the problem.  

In calmness, hope is established, therein, the mind is free to reason for a change.   

If we walk into a dark room, the first reaction is to desire the light for a change to the present situation. With a clear mind, we reach out calmly by seeking the switch for the light. On the contrary, if the darkness stirs up agitation, like it does in a child who is afraid of the dark, though the switch for the light is present, but with the absent of calmness, the child cannot perceive the possibility to turn on the light for a change.  

In dark times, may we stay calm that the mind will clearly reason that there is a way for a change, and there is a light. May the calmness in us be a hope that Christ our Light is there. Though we do not see through the dark, but thus it is written; Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will show to you today. 


In the sea of life, hope is the compass that wings above the storm of life.




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