Apr 26

A HEART FOR GOD!!!😇🙏👼😍💜❤


Edited: May 2









Proverbs 23:26


Give me my son, your Heart and look at Your Eyes through my Paths.


Why? Why does our Heart ask?


God knows we are men and women with a natural and Carnal nature.


From small is the illusion of love, dreams, tales of princesses and princes, that perfect love, and everything points to the desires that you have and how the world sells you the idea of ​​love.


But for God the true Love is only in Him and for Him, in the there is security, comfort, refuge, in the midst of storms, of problems, of Solitude, there is this shoulder to which we can approach confident, there is no rejection, there is no pain, you only hear that very soft voice and its balm telling you I LOVE YOU HERE I AM.


The Heart of the Worshiper ... Loves God, trusts God, praises God at all times, recognizes his need for God and every day of his life nourishes his love for God no matter the time or the moment .. Why the Heart of the Worshiper is safe in the arms of his beloved ..


Ecclesiastes 5:20


Because he will not remember much about the days of his life; God will fill your heart with joy .. Hallelujah ..







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