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P. S. Wilmot



From life’s lesson, one could conclude that though the temperature of life’s experience may at times be high, but beneath it all is the presence of calmness to those that are aware of the movements of the little things like that of the grass in the field. Therein, ahead of us is the awareness of the forming of the clouds for a shelter to those who walk therein. If the heart desires for the longing of peace, though it is not always in the individual’s willpower to bring about the peace, but at times one ought to be the peace seeker before the peacemaker through the life they live openly that the others may see. 

This was seen through their current state of affairs and their current posture out in the fields which led Bruna to put in motion her action by positioning herself between Necker and Jason. Linking her wrists with both of their arms, she grabs and held on to her skirt on both sides as she led the way. Gradually the temperature of the sun and the glow thereof did ease behind them as the shadows of the coming together of the clouds in the east blanked a portion of the plains where further in the distance, the sound of burbles could be heard. In view of them was an area, not of the plains nor was it any higher to be a part of the hills, but uniquely it did occupy between the plains and the hills. Beautiful it was indeed.

As they approach the area wherewith she had led them together; the burbles of the waterfall were amplified in the vicinity in harmony with the soft ripples sounds below of the crystal-clear stream which did flow. The toddler being familiar with the surroundings, hesitated to explore, as Jason placed her down. For often times in the company of Bruna, the two would spend their time together in view of the waterfall on the banks of the stream.

Although the location was not the hills of which Jason insistently saw a future and neither was it the plains wherewith Necker defended its way of existence, but from this point of view, lies both sides of their problems. Yet for the time being, the beauty of such place harbored no resentment. 

Standing beside each other were Necker and Jason. No longer were his tools for prospecting lodging by his side, but what remains in his heart was a mystery. Bruna still haven’t spoken a word, but her presence did commanded attention from the two. Their eyes follow her moves while taking in the beauty that was before them and beyond that out in the distance, the hills and the plains stood in silence. Walking ahead of the two and toward the stream, rolling up the bottom of her skirt and folding a knot on one side, she steps into the stream. For the first time, an eye contact was made between Jason and Necker as they looked at one another and back at Bruna. With Necker calling out, what are you doing? With her both hands emerged in the stream, but looking up with a smile, the two walked toward the stream before realizing the presence of a trough beneath the water. Upon their coming into her presence, she then stood up with both hands on her hips. Looking back at one another they knew she must be assisted with the trough. How did the trough get into the stream asked Jason? I placed it there she replied.

I don’t think you can catch any fish with a trough sitting at the bottom of a stream, out spoke Necker with a grin on his face for the first time. With her hands still on her hips while staring directly at them. The two quickly reason they must get the trough out of the water, for reasons they know not of. It was certain neither of the two were getting in the stream willingly, so on both sides of the water they engage in a futile attempt of the lifting of the trough and down they went simultaneously into the water. The pleasant and happy laughter of the toddler having watched it all became contagious as they all engaged in the moment of laughter. Slowly out came the trough. Thereafter, kneeling at the banks of the stream, tilting the trough on its side, Bruna let out the remaining of the water. More flabbergasted became the two. Therein she spoke out; the emerging of wood in water preserve the wood for a long time. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, having water in the trough? Asked Jason, followed by a chuckle. Sure, Jason, let us save water in a trough besides a fresh running water.

Witty were their remarks one to another and the wisecracks were of pleasantry, which led to the ease of the self-awareness amongst the three. In her propensity for the seeking of peace through her actions she affirmed without being critical toward Jason nor Necker. At times, peace is only a new mindset away. But animosity lingers when self cannot see beyond its place of pride. For in the heart of Jason, his place of pride was the hills. Whereas Necker, through his opposition toward Jason, the plains became his place of pride. 

If the two were to step away from their places of pride, such was now. For the place wherewith they now find themselves, neither was it the plains, and nor was it of the hills. Therein, they saw beyond their needs while appreciating that which was presently before them. 
From their current position, the fierce graze of the sun remains in the West, no longer was the fervency of its temperature upon them. Though it remains, but in the shelter of a new place they felt not its effect. Likewise, their differences remain, but having stepped away from their places of pride, they saw beyond their self needs while appreciating those things of their surroundings. 

If any disagreement remains in their hearts, quieter it was to the surrounding area. For greater was the beauty in sight than their ongoing conflicts. The harmonious sound of the waterfall with the burbles and the ripples through the stream below commanded the awareness of the eyes to follow its flow. Sporadically on its banks were the growths of lushy green shrubs, with the array of dragonflies fluttering at its top. The distance away from the waterfall where they stood, though confined in size, but it appears like that of a meadow. Greener were the grass beneath their feet and the surroundings with a sprinkle of bright yellow flowering plants spanning its breadth, spirited with the hovering of brightly colored butterflies in their proximity and beyond.

In their standstill for an observation, the motion of life continues round about them on all sides. So was the toddler, actively engaged in the gathering of flowers, in the cool of the setting as Bruna searches the shrubs by the sides of the stream. Interflowed with the sounds of the water was the humming of Bruna in the backdrop of the crushing sounds of the waterfall. Accumulating the output from the plants by the banks. In the folded hem of her skirt, she did gather edible fruits until she was again back at the trough where she offloaded the fruits from the shrubs which grew by the stream, into the trough. 

The repetition of a good example will lead to the taking of the right action to those that see the example of doing that which is being done for the right reason. Having seen and realizes the action of Bruna, both Necker and Jason proceeded to join her. Remained in the surrounding area was the toddler, positioned on her knees with her back turned toward the three. With a surprising swoop and a tickle which was all familiar to her. Thereafter, she was in the arms of Bruna with the joy of being held with the expression of being delighted through her giggles. They were all now together at the trough with the wild berries and fruits in their midst. Therein, they partook together. As a supper, but without the presentation of a fine dining, edibles without the juncture of preparation. Yet present was the fulfilling gratification of the merriment they now felt.

Though the awareness of a problem may be ever-present, this is the condition of life. But the position wherewith we find ourselves will be the determination of how the problem is perceived and dealt with. With the progression of time, and the gathering at the trough, came the cool breeze of the late afternoon. Soften was the horizon through its glow with subtle reddish reflection covering the land. Out in the distance lies the hills, of which a beauty of its own impel the possibility of inspiring greatness. Whereas, in the state of simplicity and beauty of its own, established was the plains and its way of life. 

Perhaps with such inspiring greatness with the view of the hills in sight, one could relate to Jason’s need for a change. On the other hand, that which is already established takes time, and where time is invested, love is accumulated. One cannot bluntly aimed the need for a change if love is present. Which is why Necker and those of the plains appreciate that which they are a part of, having been established with love. 

Now for a while, Necker, Jason, Bruna, and the toddler, together they all enjoyed the company of each other as a unit like that of a family. The fruits wherewith they partook of were not individually divided, though she could have, but she knowingly placed it together in the confinement of the trough that through their engagement, the trough will be the center of their gathering. By which their gathering brought them closer together. Reaching down into the trough for a pick, impulsively they respected the timing of one another and their individual needs. This she was aware of, knowing where there is disagreement, with time and respect, uniformity is achieved.
While partaking of the fruits in their midst; the distance from wherewith they view out into the open surrounding area became more viewable as the orange glow intensify, lessen was the glare of the sun. Further ahead one could perceive out in the distance. 
Farther away appear to be the image of a man, all by himself. Although being a far off, but one could perceive that the man’s activity or for the lack thereof; his movement remains unchanged. The curiosity in their midst led Necker to leaned on the trough without standing but gazing out into the open with his hand above his brow. He still could not identify the individual, nor for the reason for being idle, but standing. Brushing it off, he rejoins the company, followed by his reaction of thinking out loud. Why would anyone stand out in the open without moving at this time of the day? 

Well, you know what they say, when the sun goes down, out comes the creepers. Convulsive was the laughter among them, even with a smile on the face of Bruna, but with the role of being the most considerate. She interjects, stop it, you two. Peaceful and soothing was the connection through their position they all now shared and enjoyed together. Picking out another strawberry, but this time connected to the fruit was its stem and the perfect three leaves. Twirling at the perfection of the fruit for a while, Necker than placed it into the hand of the toddler, knowing her love for flowers. She eagerly received with a keen smile. 

Momentarily thereafter, outstretched the hand of the toddler. Presuming she needed another flowering fruit; Necker reaches further into the trough. But Bruna being more perceptive in her judgment, she followed the direction wherewith the hand of the toddler pointed. As she turned to look, it was back in the direction of the unknow idle man, but for this time, alongside of him was the figure of another man, and what she did perceive was as an abrupt quenched to a candlelight which burns for an illumination in the dark. For a while, all has become lighted through their gathering and togetherness, but the event which loomed on the horizon through the unknow individuals, causes disheartening to their cause. Though she shows it not in her expression, but in her reaction without a word spoken, closer she brought the child in her presence. What she did sense, she voiced not, nor was her reaction dictated by the conflict within. Anticipating her action, both Necker and Jason partially arose in respect as she temporarily excuses herself. Beside their gathering was the stream, from which she plucked three taro plants leaves. Well boys, I can’t provide you with your milk, but you remember to drink water, I hope? With a smirk on their faces, they did receive the leaves as she again sat beside the trough with the toddler once more leaning into her. Dipping into the water of the crystal-clear stream, with the taro leaf she then repositioned herself next to the child as she drank in the company of Bruna.

Although Bruna sense that which was approaching, but the looming of the unknown on the horizon through the idle individuals was without an effect on them, if they stayed together. The error of one’s action at times is to take leave from where they find themselves, for where one thinks they ought to be.

For where they now find themselves, during the cool of the day, it reflected the vibe which was being experienced and lived out. As beautiful was their surroundings, equaled was the togetherness they now shared. The lesser the fruits before them, immersive became their conversation one to another. In as much no longer was the unknown individuals in their awareness. Although, it takes more than the ignoring of a problem to overcome the problem. But the decisions that are made will serve as a guiding factor for that which is to come. 

Having again realized the presence of the unknown men, closer were these individuals. Although they heard not their sayings, but the actions of the unknown men pointed toward them. As they conversed, the men pointed toward Bruna, the toddler, Necker, and Jason. Now, clearer in view were those things along side of the men, and familiar they appeared to be. The sudden mood of the beautiful gathering became but a fragile matter. For what was with them was the same as the prospecting equipment Jason had with him from the hills, earlier. 

The unspoken creed of the plains was the closeness they all shared like a family. Even in disagreement at times, they stick together. Therein, their differences faded, and their relationships were mended. Never has an outsider further the friction between the people of the plains until now, through Jason’s action. 

Arose both Jason and Necker, simultaneously. Gone was the pleasantry and witty remarks they have enjoyed. The beauty of the surrounding through the sceneries remains, but the rising tension became like a shadow which harden into a stain, the disdain of animosity. Necker knowing because of Jason has these individuals shown up. And Jason being aware of their perception of him, he spoke not a word. Below at the trough remains Bruna sitting almost in sorrow, but with the comfort of the child in her arms. Reaching down with his hands on the shoulder of Bruna, there Necker rested his hand as a farewell. She leans her head rubbing it against has hand. Before he could speak the words of goodbye to Bruna and the toddler, wet became his hand from her silence tears. Speechless he became, but kneeling beside the two, he hugged them and arose. In his view remains the things of beauty he previously admired. Though the waterfall roar, but louder was his rage within. Continues were the motions of the beautiful dragonflies, but still they were in his mind for the detachment he now felt within. Necker departed from their place of their temporal paradise and shortly thereafter, gone was Necker from the scene of the plains, never to be seen again. Though he disappeared, but many years later he became a legend to those that will follow. For it was said before his departure, he stowed multiple raffles with his belongings and departed into the uncharted location of Bear Woods. Parents would at times tell their young if you keep silence for a long time, you might be privilege to hear the sound of a firing raffle, and that was old man Necker. He became a legend, for this was a way for parents to enjoy a quiet time while their young ones listen in an anticipation to hear the firing shots of Old man Necker. 

At the moment before his tales of legend, after his unspoken farewell to Bruna and the toddler, remains Jason. He justifies his action, through the promise he made to himself that life on the hills through his dedication, the new way of life on the hills will be better than anything possible, and soon after all of the plains will follow, he persuaded himself. 

Reaching down once more above the empty trough, he reasoned to carry out one more good action that might be pleasing to Bruna. Grabbing on to the trough he slowly removed it and placed it back into the stream. With her back turned toward him, he hesitantly spoke. I will see you later Bruna, I must show these men the hills before night falls. Tilting her head and hair, glassy were her eyes from the tears which she held back, yet she nods and moved her lips with the affirmation of yes Jason, but without a sound. Burn in his heart from his action, and abandoned he felt from the results, but his promise to himself to turn the hills into the quintessential of life and living, this became his place of refuge. He did kept the promise to himself, for many years he worked and helped to turn the hills into DeedFair-Ville, but never was the result of his promise a reality. The harder he works, and the advance DeedFair-Ville became, more isolated they were, and their way of life than that of the plains. 

He once walked away from all that he loved, in hope for a change. Many years later on the cool autumn day, as his hands departed from the hands of Desiree, with her back turned toward him, he couldn’t help but remember these recollections when he walked away from that which was special to him.  

In the process of their conversation, during which time Jason became mindful of the distance between Desiree and her family, but also glad for the moment together. Knowing she must continue to do that which they setup to do as a family, and he must carry out his duties as an individual. Customary was their greetings, and now customary was their farewell. With his hands on her shoulder, towering above her frame, expected was a kiss to her forehead. Then came the final farewell from Desiree; Take care of yourself Jason! You do as well, Desiree, and remember; an alone fawn isn’t always an abandon fawn.

With those words of departure between the two, the spring in Desiree’s steps quickly shortens the distance between her family and herself. For now, the beauty of the hillside awaits the family for a time of adventure and togetherness.

DeedFair-Ville wasn’t a metropolis for attracting tourists, but during this time of the year, strange faces would be seen throughout the hills, accompanied by a familiar face.

Absent were the walls of self-made accommodation of their beautiful home, for the alleviation from those long hours of work from within, while occasionally getting a glimpse without. Now, in the open lies beauty in abundance made not by hands, as far as one could see the curvature of the hills and the effects of the wind on the surrounding. If the cool breeze was visible, one could say the curves of the hills were its waves to surf thereon. Though the wind has gained intensity at this time, but the brushing of its chills against Desiree was a song of lively joy to her heart as she hurriedly approaches her family while tightly grabbing onto her partly closed jacket. At last, in their midst, stronger grew the wind. The louder the breeze the stronger was its impact, and the stronger its impact, the closer the family gathered themselves with Tes and the fawn in the middle. In as much their walking came to a halt, but their laughter could be heard riding the rushing wind, bundling themselves together, shoulders to shoulders with arms intermingled. Carefree they were, appreciating the moment with a little awareness of their surroundings. Further out in the distance, from the direction of their home, once again appears Mrs. Palabras, but this time beside her was a stranger to the hills. Her reaction was dumbfounded as she viewed the family out in the distance, she ascertains, earlier the Wilhelms were hiding in their homes, and now what are they doing out there? Her thoughts soon became obvious to her visiting nephew who was beside her. Though he was a stranger to DeedFair-Ville, but unlike his aunt, Mrs. Palabras, he liked what he saw in the distance, the carefree display of the Wilhelms. This was unlike anything he knew, yet it was something he wishes to know more about. His appreciation of DeedFair-Ville grew, seeing all that he witnessed in the distance. This appreciation soared yet again, having heard the trotting of horses, turning to look and behind him was the Oak family, carrying freshly cut Christmas trees. Besides Oak was his fiery redhead daughter, Conifer. Between Conifer and her dad was the Oak’s huskie, Needles. Nodding with a smile and a tip of his hat to Mrs. Palabras and her nephew, they rode by, as Conifer finger wiggle waved the two.

Before the eyes of the visiting nephew of Mrs. Palabras, unfolded these happenings on the hills, the liveliness was unlike the stagnation of the beautiful homes which stood in silence, like that of the Palabras wherewith he has been for his visitation. Now, his curiosity prompted the desire to explore while being out in the open. However, being the visitor, he hopefully waited on his aunt, but her purpose for another return from her home was not for a need for an exploration, but to befit her formed presumption of the Wilhelms, have they gone mad? As his eyes follow the hills and the happenings thereon round and about, he gazed in amazement. On the contrary, fixed were the eyes of Mrs. Palabras on the Wilhelms. Even though she could not see clearly their action being gathered together as closed as they were, yet their laughter and screams could be heard sailing through the raging wind. In that moment, the noise of a snapping sound of a sharp cracking clatter was heard piercing through the surrounding area. Having traced the origin of the sound, out in the distance were the Oak’s family, in a stand still. Tightly with both hands Oak pulled back in an attempt to calm the horses as he held on to the halter, whoa-wo-whoa, it’s alright, it’s alright, easy now, easy. As the hindquarters of the horse arose in the air, holding on to the seat rail was the fiery redhead Conifer in an attempt to jump off. 

But like a good father, though he held back on the halter as firm and tight as he could, but his focus was on his daughter. Stay put Connie, I got this! Whoa.

I can assist by holding on to the bridle, Pa! And I can’t do so while being up here!

The choice of staying on, adhering to her father, or leaping off the hitch wagon became irrelevant. By the reason of the next buck from the horse, up in the air went Conifer, without any control. Just in time was the nephew of Mrs. Palabras, having heard the crackling sound previously, he needed not an approval from his aunt. Shorten became the distance between him and the Oak’s. Rushing beneath the falling Conifer, collapsed they were on each other. Rolling on top of him and off him, swiftly arose the redhead Conifer. Well thank you mister, howdy! And off she went fiercely charging back toward the bucking horses.

In his sight before him as he lays on the ground attempting to grasps what have just transpired, speedily out went Conifer toward that which obviously posed a danger to her, but she hesitated not. Therein she charges again toward the bucking horses. In the interruption of his thoughts was a lick to his face which followed by a bark by Needles, the Oak’s husky. Therein, he quickly repositioned himself, sitting with both arms behind him while resting on his palms, he outlifted himself. Although being aware of the danger of the unstableness of the horses, yet he too charged toward the Oaks, with the intention of helping calm the bucking horses. Not long after standing to his feet, moving toward the Oaks, down he went again flat on his face. His first thought of reaction was to justify his fall as not of his fault, knowing first impressions last a long way. Nevertheless, a good first impression is not always based on how we knowingly present ourselves to others, but how others perceive us even when we are unaware of their observant eyes.

You best get both feet carry you before you carry the thoughts of helping us out right now, mister!

As those words proceed from Conifer, he was already back on his feet. Looking in his direction, she sounded off; Get to the left side of Pa, I’ll take care of the horse on this side, and so he did. With the collaboration from the three, slowly did the horses come into the state of calmness. Now, high up on the driver seat sat Oak in gratitude as he leans back while still holding on to the halter, but with the position of resting his hands on his knees. Down below, Conifer rested her hand on the shoulder of their stranger helper. Well thank you again mister, you sure make the scene like a Christmas tree having her cones raided by an anxious squirrel.

Although he could not always understand her sayings, but he did appreciate the manner in which she spoke and freely she did. Within, he thought, was that a compliment or am I seen as being intrusive for attempting to help?

Up from the hitch wagon, the resting Oak did address his gratitude to the stranger below. There is sure some unusual shift in these lands, son. Never in many miles and back and again have these beautiful animals got so skeersome, I thought what in Sam Hill name is going on out here. Slatted them Sails, had Connie flying in the air. If it wasn’t for you, she would have sure broken something! Now she ain’t no light weight either. You okay son, nothing ain’t broken having my girl landing on you?  

Pa! Speak regular folk, he’s a stranger to these hills, ain’t that right mister? My Pa said he and yours truly, of course. We have ridden these hills for many miles, back and forth and our horses never got skeersome, which means scare. And because of the bucking, slatted and sails it had me flying. Furthermore, I ain’t heavy, I got bags, but they ain’t bones either. With a smug smile on her face, she then addressed herself to the stranger. I’m Conifer, and that’s my Pa, Oak. Right away he reaches his hand out in gesture of a greeting toward Conifer, hi again Conifer. I’m Unido, nice to meet you. While he yet held her hand in his hand, instinctively he turns toward the hitch wagon and acknowledged Oak. With a tilt to his cattleman hat, he nodded. Nice to meet you too Ondo. Pa! it’s Unido! That’s what I said. Sure, Pa.


Son, give her a hand to unhitch the horses? Much obliged to you they seem mighty calm right now, but those ears pointing stiffy forward tells these horses ain’t totally calm yet. You reckon what’s going on son? I’m uncertain Mr. Oak. I will do as you requested, but are you not planning to deliver the trees to their respective homes? Oh, we will, son. There must be something wrong with the land placement.

What now Pa? Land placement?

I think he’s right Conifer, the topography seems unstable in some places just around here. It causes me to lose my balance earlier, I think.

Oh, c’mon Unido, you trying to pull my leg? I ain’t taking that mickey. You telling me, you fell because the land is wobbly? Guys, never take responsibility for their folly.

At that moment in time, both Oak and Unido spoke offhanded simultaneously. Yes, something is wrong with the land.   


Nevertheless, Conifer wasn’t going to be outdone, in her reaction she added; before you two start building stable transportation of railroads through these hills like city folks, let’s attend to the horses, shall we?


As the two work together, Unido remembers his aunt by looking over his shoulders, but she was nowhere to be found. She must be somewhere closer, but out of sight, he ascertains and continued to help with the unhitching of the horses. Circling them was Needles, with his unwavering energy and his barks until the horses were released, but in the company of the three, along with Needles the huskie. On the hillside they did sit and conversed together. 

Beyond their point of view, no longer were the Wilhelms in sight, but their adventure continues. Below the family in their midst was Tes. The ever-ongoing uttering of Tes was somewhat heard, but drowned was its meaning in the sounds of the rushing wind. In the process of her utterance, attentively Constantine reaches down in her presence and got hold of the fawn from her arms and realizes that which she was attempting to speak in the loudness of the sounds of the wind. 

We are on the wrong path; she once again made her statement known to all, immediately after she was free from the weight of the fawn. With Constantine now holding on to the young animal, out in front Tes led the way as their parents’ held hands while following in the steps of Constantine and his sister, at the fore of their journey through the windy hills. Though they were uncertain of the leading of Tes, wherewith it might end, but the time spent together out in the open exceeded their uncertainty. The further she led them the less the force of the wind was felt, though it continues, but the velocity thereof became that of a cool breeze to the touch of the skin.

Out from the back of Tes came the voice indirectly aimed toward her. Are we looking for the birthplace of the fawn, or we’re hoping the mama dear find us and join our trek?

No daddy, we are taking him back, remember? Of course, he does remember, honey. Out spoke Desiree as she teasingly tugged on his jacket with the accompany brushing of her cheeks on his arms as she held on through their walk.

Further along in the distance in the focus of their view lies the pile of twigs with branches and withering leaves. Away from the family went Tes, speedily. Increasing the pace of her steps Tes dashes toward the scatter piles of twigs, branches, and the leaves. Quickly she did jumped on and hopped, and hopped thereon and then facing toward her family, in excitement she did hopped again. See, I told you so, he was moving beneath the leaves and the sticks! She acclaims with excitement. With the distance still between Tes and her family, they were glad and proud of her sense of direction. However, what was now to be done with the helpless animal? Gradually the steps of Constantine, became impediment to his movement as he turned around facing his parents with the fawn being held in his arms. At his feet unknown to him was a brown leather pouch. Grabbing the attention of Desiree, she stoops down for the retrieving of the item. Unique was the appearance and so was the construction of the material with an inscription of the numbers, 1492, encircle with the letter C. 

Instinctively Desiree beholds the uniqueness of the leather pouch while looking over her shoulder toward their previous path and back in the direction of her son. Baby, she called out to Constantine. Did you drop an item from within this pouch, is it yours? It is beautiful. Every moment for her was admirably cherish with her family being together. That being so, she was not at all to allow the separation for a second with the division of her family within any given minute, while being together on this day of family day out, of togetherness.

Well, I will keep it in my pocket, she concluded. This was her way of saying let us now enjoy our time, but together as a family. All things else can wait. Even the finding of what was within the pouch. To this, Constantine adhere to his mother, while yet holding the fawn. Their somewhat uncertainty for the time being before the pile of leaves did bring the family together once again in the physical proximity of each other. Tes rejoins the family from the pile to stand beside her brother, who was now next to their parents. There they stood, alone it seems, uncertain, but at peace in the presence of one another.

Cordially through their conversation, Desiree did kneel before Tes, and rezip her jacket further up, follow by the refitting of her beanie on her head, while playfully covering her eyes partially. I can’t see, mommy! With her giggling and utterance, felt around her was the warm embrace of the loving arms of her mother.

Therein, the words of Jason became like a playback to the awareness of Desiree. An alone fawn isn’t always an abandon fawn.

Standing up with Tes in her presence, Desiree weaves her way through her family toward the opposite side of the pile of the leaves and twigs. Accessible in view, which was her driven factor, lies a stick of a good length. Yet, it appears not to be a part of the random piles in the vicinity. Nevertheless, there it was. Oddly so was it appearance. Newly removed from a tree, yet it lies in solitary, having one end fashioned in the likeness for a steady grip.

With the branch stick now in her hand, toward her family she did focus her attention follow by an inquiry. I guess we aren’t the first one here, but we are now. Let’s make a good use of it! On the way to the pile she went, with the stick being used as a probe it seems to her family.

Are you looking for something, mom? Asked Constantine. Come over baby, she replied.

Leaving the presence of his dad with the fawn in his hands. Before long, so did his dad and Tes, joining him toward Desiree. Stay back you two, I asked for Constantine.

Baffled was the expression of Tes along with her dad. But I found him mommy, cried out Tes. I know honey, but let’s limit our scents to the area and on him, so his mama can’t refuse him, hopefully. As the two watched from a distance, it was soon realized the supposedly probing to be done by Desiree was, but for the making of a comfortable bedding for the young animal. Therein, Constantine carefully placed down the fawn. Followed by Desiree quickly, but carefully putting together a hutch for the young animal.


Now we wait! Any one hungry? Gleefully did Desiree asked in the company of her family.

Sure, I will have some smokey baked beans, please. 

You are the man; build me a stove and I will whip you one scrumptious smokey baked beans.

Such was the mood, of merriment as they gathered together, away from the pile where the fawn laid. Clear remains the atmospheres for the visibility of that which was around them. Near and far, Thin were the surroundings shrubs as they have let go of their leaves for the arrival of an early winter, and dried up were those leaves that yet cling to the stems and the withering branches. In their golden crisp colors, they remain. Letting through light from above, one could clearly see through the shrubs and below their dried-up branches and stems. Gently swaying were the remaining leaves that clung to the brittle branches. Giving the mind the awareness of the unseen wind, while still feeling its effects. The longer the family stay in the area, more observable became their surroundings. Though activities on the hills continues, yet in their nearby surrounding, quiet remains all things, but the companionship of the soft blowing wind. Their journey together as a family led them to a place of isolation, but at times in a place of isolation, we find ourselves and knowing what others are to us, and what we ought to be to them. Their alone time was now interrupted, not by the expectancy of the mother dear, but the flock of the shade of black and white, chirping and diving from the clear sky above. Scattered below were the lively flock of black-capped Chickadee birds covering the ground with the shade of black and white in the midst of the family. They shy not away from a human presence. Consequently, the watchers of the fawn became the interest of investigation for these curious birds of beautiful black and white feathery cover. Departing from the side of her dad was Tes, dashing toward the birds. Her hasty move did cause a startled amongst the flock. Their temporary retreat soon turned into a curious gathering and the regrouping of their presence around the child. On her knees she went, in an attempt to pet individual birds and many they were. Though they stand not still, neither did her little hands in reaching out to the birds as they curiously gather around her. 

The innocence of a child through their simplicity approach to many things, at times it serves as an awakening to those who perceive their actions that the contentment of life is in every place, if we choose to be in one place without the constant wandering of the weary mind. We can appreciate what is around us, by seeing what is now. Without worrying about that which is to be, or may not be.


Joining the company of the kneeling Tes was Constantine. Though he did not kneel, but his interest in these birds differ not from his sister, as the parents watches from a distance, but attached in the likeness of sharing an appreciation of what was now before them as a family.


Their effort to do that which is right and needful was carried out, by the support they’ve shown for the fawn. Though the work was done, but the results remain unseen. Such is life, doing the right thing doesn’t always produce the instant anticipation of an expected result. Nevertheless, for a heart that is truly geared toward making a change, it is sustained not by an accreditation, but the heart’s desire for an ongoing need to do that which is right.


This was seen through the company of the Chickadee birds they admire together as a family and what was to shortly happen in their midst. With their attentions toward the birds and the awareness of were the fawn lays. Yet in the conscience of Desiree, slowly crept the awareness of a third consciousness. Though she sees not, but she felt something. Shortly thereafter, moving beside her for the time being was Constantine. In his hand was the branch which was used by Desiree in the preparation for where the fawn lays. Mom, this branch was cutoff and carved, not professionally, but looking at this, it wasn’t a random growth and a branch surly doesn’t fall off a tree like this.


I know baby, that’s why I said earlier we are not alone or certainly we weren’t the first one down here. Thereafter, the admiration of the birds continues, but the mind envisioned things, where there wasn’t anything. In the anticipation that there could be something somewhere other than their presence. With Tes and her dad fully preoccupy being surrounded by the chickadee birds, enclosed were the arms of Desiree around Constantine as he stood in the front of her while holding on to her folding arms with his hands. The blowing of the wind became a nudge to the mind, for where it blew, the alteration of movements was seen and heard in the given location. However, more than the effect of brittle leaves being blown by the wind, out came the rustling of sounds from a tree which did graced its surrounding with bright yellowing leaves beneath its trunk and the appearance of fiery glow orange leaves which did hung from its branches. The display of this tree was the personification of the beauty, endurance, and the transformation of the autumn season at its finest. Nevertheless, a sound was heard from the tree, cause not by the blowing of the wind.  


Slowly the arms of Desiree unravel its embrace of Constantine while looking in the direction of the tree. With him yet clinging to her hand, both were repositioned, hands in hands facing toward the possible reason for the rattling sound. Carefully the two walked toward the source of the sound, with Tes and her dad still preoccupy with the birds. As Constantine and Desiree drew nearer, firstly seen behind the trunk of the tree being partially covered with the gathering of leaves was a backpack. And beneath the backpack was a boy, lying flat in the attempt of concealment, but fully seen.


Alarmed and startled were the two as they rushed down amongst the leaves. At last, reluctantly the boy did turned, and instinctively he was recognized by the striking color of his eyes which always portray the calmness of his demeanor with a stunning green color, like the nature of which he was very fond of. His age did not limit his exploration of the outdoors. But unlike the other kids, alone he was always seen. He seldomly spoke when he was in the company of others, but for his notable stared he was known. And never was he seen approaching amongst the other kids. Suddenly he did appear it seems, and his goodbyes were silence as the words he hardly spoke. For an instant he was there, and he was not.  Laying on his right side with the resting of his elbow, he pickup not himself, but leaning in silence. Staring upon him was Constantine, with the many thoughts concerning the boy which was spoken by the other kids. Some said he was an apparition. For many were the speculations concerning him amongst the children of the hills. In as much, Mass Heed, the friend of Constantine, attempted on many occasions to prove who the boy was. One humorous, but notable occurrence was the Mass’ theory which implies that the boy was, but a fragment of their imagination. Consequently, to silicified his theory, Mass wanders and disappear for a day and a half. When he was finally found in the shed of the Wilhelms his first words to Constantine and his family were, hey buddy Constantine! Did you think of me? Of course, Mass, your parents have been looking for you and how did you get into our shed, is there where you have been all along? Baffle was everyone else, but thrill was Mass in his exclamation, he proceeded to elaborate. Although I was absent you guys, but you vividly thought of me! Didn’t you? So is Skielike. For this was the name of the boy that the kids considered to be an apparition. Even though we see Skielike, but he is not actually there so this is why he appears and disappear without us knowing! Mass continues to expound. I must apologize. I ate your flour while proving my theory as a reality for these days.

Mass, you were gone just a day and you ate flour? Oh yes Constantine, a mind like mine in such stage needed all the solid food. That’s not solid, it’s a flour. Well, flour mixed with liquid and with time, equals solid. Oh Mass, don’t tell me where you got the liquid from. 


With Constantine’s dad standing behind him leaning on the shed’s door watching Mass within and not knowing what to make of that which was being heard, there he stood and watched in silence. As Desiree approaches, having heard part of the boy’s conversation.


Oh, you poor thing, you have been eating flour? Come on in the house. I will make you some food to eat. It’s okay mom, Mass isn’t really here he is a figment of our imagination. No Constantine, the feelings part is not an imagination. And I feel the great need to eat right now. Speaking underneath his breath as they left the shed was Mr. Wilhelms, maybe we should wrap a hot towel around his gut and wait till all the flour he ate turn into a loaf of bread.


From toward the house out came Tes, knowing the company was coming toward her, so there she stood in wait with a hand on her hips, and an open question to all. Is Mass in trouble, why was he hiding? He is just a unique boy honey, and we are going to make him feel comfortable after I prepare a meal for him.


As she did for Mass in the past, she was once again in the position and the place to do the same for Skielike.


Reaching down for him, for he was no bigger than Tes. Although her mind was in disarray and confusion with pity for the child, but she was admirable glad to embrace him in her arms while removing the shards and debris from his face for the revealing of his olive complexion and with the neatening of his hair with her hand. As she reaches for his backpack for a more comfortable ease to his being. In harmony he did let go, but with Desiree’s attempt in passing over the backpack to Constantine who stood by watching, agitation was steered up in the action of Skielike. 


He let not go of the straps. Until the backpack was now between him and Desiree. Thereafter, he reaches within the bigger pocket and out came a suppose presence, held carefully with both hands he handed over to Desiree. In the moment she was spellbound by the consideration and the pureness of his charm.


One could ascertain from the caring and the observant nature of Desiree, nothing was further from the truth then her desire to clean up the child and prepare a hot meal for him with love and kindness before finding out the many questions concerning his well-being.

He swiftly repositioned himself further into the protection of her arms, and looking over her shoulder, was Tes and her dad, joining them at the big tree.

We are taking him home, aren’t we? His witty remarks as such were the complete opposite of his devotion and support to Desiree and their family. For his support was always given even before it was asked for.

I know him, daddy. He’s Skielike, interject Tes. With the full gathering once again of the family, Desiree sense the sudden change in Skielike, Therein, she stood up with him. Holding on to her and her arms embracing him up close to her as possible, while pacing back and forth beneath the big tree in the company of the family with hope to calm him down.

The experience now was as a blurry memory for Desiree. In bits and pieces, she never fully understood, but the similarity of thoughts and conscience of being alone and scare have silently bore to her a burden she shared not with anyone. Though she understood not where the consciousness arose, but she accepted what was uncomfortable to her in the silence of her memories to be a motivation to help others, such as now. The somewhat frighten, Skielike.

In her movement of pacing, while holding on to the child she procured the attention of Constantine and his assistance by the placing of what was in the bag, into the hand of Constantine. Soft it felt, almost as decaying, but pleasantly acceptable to the touch. Desiree then walks toward Tes and her dad, as a means of familiarizing Skielike to the family for the time being.

With her attention once again toward Constantine, she addresses him, while at the same time broadly expressing her plans for the gathering at this present moment. You all are going to be in for a treat, but with a lesson to learn!

Looking at that which was in the grip of his hand, he knew though fragile it felt, but it was likely to be the center of attention for their gathering. Such is life at times, and the precious commonality of those things which serves as the strength of our unity. The ties aren’t based on strength, but the little things. Even those things that are fragile, they can be the source of togetherness.

What could it be? he pounders silently through his curious observation of that which was in his hand. There Beneath the tree they were, and high above was the moving of its branches through the blowing of the wind. For the length of this tree towered above their presence and the landscape, round and about. Though he stood alone, but his eyes gaze not only upon the fruit but the surrounding and Skielike in the company of his family.

To be continued . . .

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