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The study of Types in the Bible, or the study of typology is a metaphoric representation of a thing, idea, an entity or a person. Where with, a word or phrase is applied to it by giving it the quality of that word or phrase. In this case of interest, the subject is the Holy Spirit. The word being applied to the Holy Spirit is an oil. Thereby giving the Holy Spirit some quality of an oil, through a metaphoric representation.


In this study, we will look at the commonality of the Holy Spirit, an oil, a lamp and the believing Christian.


Oil in the Scripture is a type representing the Holy Spirit. Oil in its uses when combine to a substance, it provides qualities of a great magnitude within the substance, which cannot be brought forth without the oil.


Like a lamp, without an oil, though it is a lamp. Yet, it serves no purpose for its illumination. Likewise, unto us, as a believer without the Holy Spirit, though we are called a believer, but without the Holy Spirit we cannot fully serve our purpose as a lamp. However, the receiving of the Holy Spirit or being filled with the Holy Spirit is not merely a goal, but a way of life as well. For what is a lamp that is filled with an oil, but the oil is never used to burn for illumination?


We clearly see the picture of this illustration in the study of the Temple of old. Wherein there was a Lamp stand that provided illumination in order to fulfill the duties of the Temple. This Lamp had to be refilled constantly because it truly illuminates. Therefore, a new, impartation, of oil was needed on a daily basis. Likewise, the believer who constantly seeks the Holy Spirit, is serving as an illumination to this world, consequently the Oil is burning and the Light is illuminating. They shall desire to be filled regularly, and they shall be fill constantly.


On the contrary, there are those who once received the oil of the Holy Spirit, illustratively speaking, but they do not desire a new impartation because the oil of the Holy Spirit that is within them is not burning. Therefore, they seek not the Holy Spirit, for there isn't a light. Though we in ourselves are not the light, Christ is the Light, nevertheless the desire for the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer shall burn as an illumination. Where there is light, there is clarity, the absence of trouble and confusion. Light brings understanding, thereby eliminating the fear of the unknown. Such elimination brings peace and comfort, with peace there are prosperity and growth. Growth ushers in an increase, with the increase come blessing. These are few of the many benefits of the illumination of the Holy Spirit.


Therefore, let us desire to experience the glory and the joy of the Holy Spirit from God our Father, made possible by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let us serve as a light of God, then He shall replenish us daily and meet all our needs that we may continue to shine, and be a light.


In conclusion, we say

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

(Matthew 7:7)








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