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The Lost Sand Rock


The innovation and progression we experience as a society is never because we are great; it is because we have fallen from that which is great. The course of humanity, therefore, strives to regain its lost greatness.

Knowingly or unknowingly, within us all is the desire to return to what we once were originally.

Contrarily, the ape doesn’t aspire in its capable mind of becoming great because it wasn’t meant to be.

However, the human strives for greatness is the evidence of the plan of a purpose placed within us rather than an existence based on coincidence.

The word plan, is like the application of the model of a building, showing the form or intent of the Designer. The purpose of those who follow will be to build thereon. Hence, we progress as a society, or we ought to. Nevertheless, an innovation and progression without the acknowledgment of its Designer, though it progresses, but it is of no effect to those who follow.


In liberty, they become  dependent. Through the innovation for simplicity, lives become complicated.

Miscellaneous Writings

That which was then wasn’t unchangeable, like sand it was manageable, but with time its reliability was solid. Today we see through virtuality, seeing all at once, but seeing less than ever. Have we forgotten the simplicity of the old path or we have gone astray?




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