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• 21 1/4" x 26 15/16"
• Derby Brown wood frame
• Matting: French Vanilla
• Clear Acrylic glass
• Backing: Foamcore


In a time when those elected to power does not use the power given to them by the people for the betterment of the people, but to exploit the people. Let this Masterpiece be a conversation starter in your home, with the artist’s stunning depiction and narrative of politicians exploiting the people, their race, and their misfortune for their own gains.


The politician has no face in order to be all things to all men, but not for the betterment of the people, but for the manipulation thereof. In the hand of the Old Fiddler is the instrument used to serenade the people, for their ears must be inundated, then their hearts will follow. The politician seizes on tragedy for a gain, and therein the Old Fiddler plays the greatest hits, Family Separation, Wall Is Evil. The audience is touched and rightly so because they care. How can we be of help, Dear Politician? Fatten my greed, and I will bring about a change, so they complied. For the Brown People not to be separated, the people give the Politician a seat, in hope for the betterment of the Brown People, the audience gives the Politician their devout attention. Having received all the power needed, the Politician no longer sees the need for a change for the Brown People. Aren’t they still separated? Yes, they are, but having used their tragedy for a gain, now the Brown Violin is placed under the feet of the Old Fiddler, silence is the song of Family Separation, as the Brown People are forgotten.


As the Politician seeks a bigger power, the Politician must now bring out and play the most powerful violin, the Black Violin. Having sowed the seed of division in the land, the Old Fiddler comfortably sits back and echoes the magnum opus or all songs, titled Racism. Unlike the reason for a change for the Brown People, which stirs up sadness in the audience, but the song of Racism stirs up anger in the people. The sustainability of corruption uses fear or hate to rule and control the people. However, hate empowers the people to act on their own, even if it means destroying themselves in hope to bring about a change.


Well, Dear Politician the Old Fiddler, not all of us are listening to your song. We see the tragedy of society and we will help one another to overcome without destroying ourselves in the process thereof. Though your songs are of repetitions, which are impactful, but deceptive repetitions will lead to inner awakening. No longer will your songs be heard by us, and tragedy will not separate us, but it will bring us all closer together to prevent further friction between us. Diverse in our identities, but all our lives are precious, and IN GOD WE TRUST.

The Politician, The Old Fiddler Playing The Black Violin

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