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With His hand holding mine, hope is never gone.

Make a statement in any room with this original painting of hope, determination and peace, from the PSW3 Gallery, the last painting of 2019


With His hand holding mine, hope is never gone. In my view behind, ever present is the Lamb that laid the path that I may be led as a child with His might, to His mountains which flows the waters of life. Above my being is the assurance of His smile like the soaring wings of protection, my eyes are filled with the eternal joy of the heavenly delight. Harsh was the price He paid for me, but gentle is His hand holding mine.Beaming are the rays of hope, for the price He once paid, as I’m led by the Master’s hand.


• 26 3/4" x 30"
• Thick Gold ornate wood frame, 1 ⅜” wide, decoratively antique gilded pattern wrap
• Single Mat Dune color
• Clear Acrylic glass
• Premium Foamcore backing

The Master's Hand

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