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• 25 9/16" x 34"
• Satin Silver frame
• Matting: Double matting, Smooth White (Cream Core) & Cloud (White Core)
• Clear Acrylic glass
• Backing: Foamcore


In a day and age, when decisions are made not by the character of an individual, but outward appearance. Let this remarkable piece serve as a reminder to raise the next generation in transparency and love, for one another.


A child is like a transparent flower, though beautiful but fragile and transparent to their surrendering by reflecting that which they are a part of. May the purity of heaven be the transparency to perceive without the obscurity of contrast and color. Wherein there is no limitation, but the structure of every loving parent is as a nourishing embrace, in this simple but beautiful vessel of clay, we called life.


The Family Pot

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