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The sequel to the book, A Walking New Man, the pictorial autobiography. Now for the first time, over 250 paintings and drawings, spanning two decades is at your fingertip. An outstanding collection for any art lover! With the artist’s commentary on individual paintings, giving deeper insights and lessons to everyday life and living with focus on faith and experience.

These beautiful paintings will come alive in any home with the vivid colors, deep meaning and mastery skills as you observe the progress in the artist’s life with never before publish works from childhood, some of which were revisited as an adult.


View through this massive book and spot the then-and-now artworks, and some new never before seen paintings.


If you enjoy the PSW3 Art Gallery online, look no further, now you can take with you all the works within the online gallery and more, anywhere in the comfort of your home, or wherever you see fit to enjoy these astonishing works in the book; THE ARCHIVE OF A WALKING NEW MAN – ART EDITION.


Paperback version will be avaliable, and affordable.

The Archive of A Walking New Man. The Art Edition Volume 1

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