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A monumental of a task presented in a book form. The materials within this groundbreaking book covers it all! From Faith to Science, Physics, History, Current Events and more. Even addressing those tough questions of life and the hard sayings of the Scriptures. The miscellaneous will keep any book lover and reader glue to its immense contents. Even for the casual reader, its 150 plus topical index will keep you fixated for hours and days on end. All beautifully formatted in a large easy to read font, covering over 450 plus pages. Wrapped in a beautiful, hardcover, yet a soft suede like texture makes it a keeper and a possession to have in your homes and on the go. Even as a great gift to others, to allow them to experience the wealth of information therein as well, and be of a blessing.


Measures -  6×9 in, 15×23 cm

Number of Pages: 480



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