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When an uncontrollable circumstance shatters the very essence of time and life’s perception is inflamed, anger is an instinctive reaction, but it takes a solution to solve a problem. By reasonably looking away from the broken pieces, where anger once consume, stability is achieved, but never through rage. 


Rage looks to the devastation to sustain. Consequently, the soul becomes a captive to the reason for indignation. In such, life is hindered, for the absence of divine inspiration. True inspiration for a change is not predicated on what we have, or the lack thereof, or the perception of others toward us. Inspiration is the realization that within me is a void, of which my rage cannot fill, but enlarge. 


With a humble spirit, the flame of rage shall not consume to desolation, but it shall be a burning illumination for a change.


• 16 9/16" x 17 3/4"
• Gloss Gold Frame
• Single Mat Antique
• Clear Acrylic glass
• Backing: Foamcore

Fury Ineptness

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