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We are back with updates and other site related contents. I am doing much better now, thank God. (And I am excited) 😊

Tomorrow, Friday the gallery will be updated and other text related contents too, in the days to come.

  • The new painting will be based on Romans 1:20 (I have worked on this painting for many months) Part of it, some of you have seen. Although it is not the large one, but this is large as well.

  • Also, a new short story during the weekend, titled Hooks Junction. A very grumpy man, experience; riding the train on his way to work.

I have received the greenlight again on AMERIHOLLOW, so I was working on the illustration of the characters. Before the issues I experienced for the past week, mentioned in the group. Anywho...

Done is Mrs. Fiducia

  • Jack

  • Little Tommy

  • The mumbling old man in the box train (He shows up later in the story)

  • Also, without giving it out... a character close to Tommy.

Some of you saw the early painting of Mrs. Fiducia

The Short Stories page was updated as well.

The Story, Naharre is now with a view of the family new home in Woodland Shrub which was mentioned toward the end of the story.

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More updates on the way.

God bless you.



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