May 21

Your works are unique


I enjoy viewing artworks and coming upon your gallery is very nice. Your works are unique. Do you admire other artists and are inspired by them as well?

Thank you, I hope your time on the website is a blessing and do come often. My inspiration was rather the introduction to art which came from my Dad, long before I was fluent in writing my own name, I was drawing on everything, literally it was my pastime.


Concerning other artists, I do acknowledge the Masters of old, but for those of a higher admiration for me, they aren’t the household names, but some of their works are fascinating to say the least.


  • August Ahlborn

  • William Holman Hunt

  • Nikolai Ge

  • Jan van de Velde (the Elder)

  • William-Adolphe Bouguereau

  • Georges de La Tour

I greatly admired some of their works, but as an artist, the inspiration in what I do is from the Lord, through my life experience.

We all know one or two :)


Jan van de Velde (the Elder) was very interesting to say the least, it is why I placed him on the list. He was a calligrapher, writing teacher, and engraver. Although you could say he was just a calligrapher, but in his calligraphy works, were beautiful, astonishing artworks. More so, the images were so detailed and of Symmetrical Balance. Considering he was from the 1600s, but his works were so perfect, it appears as if it was done by a machine rather than a man.


On a personal note, all through my teen years, I vigorously practiced the art of precise details and Symmetrical Balance in my drawings, sketches and some paintings. Most adults thought it was a waste of time and uncalled for. I continue anyways. In the end, it pays off in some of my works.


So, later on in life, having seen some of the works of Jan van de Velde (the Elder) it was a good feeling to know someone hundreds of years ago thought it was important to display precise details.



My first impression of Nikolai Ge was from his painting Conscience Judas. The realism of the perspective and the feel to it is amazing. I remembered looking at the cast shadow on individual rocks and the texture, on top of all that, you can sense the guilt of Judas as he watches from a distance. The light in front of him and the shadow of darkness behind him. Yet, he’s far from the light.


Georges de La Tour, in my opinion was the master of light and dark, and I love the techniques or expression of light and dark, this can be seen in some of my works :)


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The paintings here definitely are sermons and a story of their own with deep messages.

Be bless and welcome to the community

Matt, I am sure you won't be the last person to wonder that particularly painting is about :)

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