Sep 10, 2018

The Baptism of Jesus


A visitor from Hong Kong, proposed a question of insight from The words and works of Jesus Christ, concerning the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, for a general discussion.


For a more precise explanation, the topic is addressed below.

Sep 10, 2018

The Baptism of Jesus


The question has been asked by the believer at times, for a better insight to the Baptism of Jesus. This question also has been proposed by scoffers of the Faith, as to why did John the Baptist baptized Jesus?


Christ was greater than John, so John had need to be baptized by Christ.

Those baptized by John were the representations of repentance and preparation.

The Lord Jesus was sinless, therefore, there wasn't a need for repentance.


So then, why did John the Baptist baptized Jesus?


Explanation to the question and the exposition of the discussion


Those who were baptized by John, it was sin that brought them there that they may repent. However, it was righteousness that led Christ to His baptism. Christ as our representative man, He stood in our place through a full representation of those things that were required of us, He did on our behalf that we may cease from our works and find rest in Him.


Like His death on the Cross, though He wasn’t guilty of a crime, yet He died the death of those guilty of a crime. Therewith, He took on the sin of the world, without becoming a sinner.

For further illustration, this is clearly seen in the typology of the Old Testament. The one guilty of a sin, brought an animal in his place, the priest then after the inspection of the animal, usually a lamb. By the placing of the hands on the innocent animal, the sin of the sinner was transferred to the animal as a sacrifice in place of the sinner.


Whatsoever the sin was, it was transferred to the animal. However, if a person is guilty of stealing, the lamb as a sacrifice wasn’t a thief, or the sin of lying transferred to a lamb, didn’t make the animal a liar.


Likewise, Christ our sacrifice, though He baptized the baptism of repentance, nevertheless, he wasn’t a sinner. Perhaps, the most beautiful explanation of such was penned by F. B. Meyer, He (Christ) was baptized that He might assume the sinner’s guilt, standing with him and for him and identifying Himself with his lot. . . and this we add, yet, He was without a sin.


2 Corinthians 5:21

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

Sep 11, 2018


Once I was straying In sin's dark valley No hope within could I see But they searched through Heaven And found a Savior To save a poor lost soul like me


Chorus O what a Savior O Hallelujah His heart was broken On Calvary His hands were nail scared His side was riven He gave His life's blood for even me


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