Sep 11

Could Ephesians 5:23 be explained?


For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

One of the many errors of which we will address a few, are as follow: The woman is not to be, nor was she ever meant to be a second-class citizen to society by being in submission.


Note, it is to her own husband she submits. The error arises when women are subjected in certain circles to be submissive to all. Herein, you have all men believing they can control any woman.


Here is the idea concerning the question. If a man steps up to be a man, by loving his family, protecting his family, by being the head of the family, in essence, he is willing to take full responsibility for the well-being of his family, even if it means putting himself in danger as a shield to protect his family. This is what a true head of the wife is. Like Christ our head, Who gave His life for us that we may live.

So then, when such characteristic of a real man as a husband is displayed toward his children and his wife, then it is natural for a wife who loves her husband to submit to him, knowing she can count on him at all times.


Regardless of modern ideology wherewith equality is the goal, but it must be achieved through competition between the man and the woman; The greatness of the woman is not when she competes to be like the man. She is great when she is herself. Equality is harmony through the understanding of a structure. The husband and wife who live in faith by trusting in the Lord, the two becomes one, while setting a good example for the children. Therein, the children obey their parents. On the contrary, competition is enacted to validate the acceptance of the one competing. If love doesn’t validate the acceptability between a man and a woman as husband and wife, competing will never suffice, nor satisfy the harmony of love between the husband and wife.

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